The Fifty-Second Post: The One Where I Talk About My Con Experience…

Good morning everyone. With my new schedule change, I am trying something different. I am going to write in the morning before I have to leave for work. If everything works out, you should see a lot more activity on this blog, as it is becoming my morning warm-up.

Above: The Breakfast of us creative types.

Over the weekend, I had the chance to go to the Fantasy and Horror Convention here in my home town. If you ever get the chance to see Colin Ferguson on a convention panel, drop any commitments you have for that day and buy a ticket. He is hilarious. I also got to see Sid Haig – a man that I would love to have a beer with and have him tell me tales from his 50+ years in the business. I also got to see the Fifth Doctor (Patrick Traughton) and Gareth David-Lloyd – both very charming and funny. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any pictures of them because my battery was running low. I also got to see another actor. You may have seen him in something:

Above: Mojito, anyone?

I got to sit in on “The Walking Dead”. It’s a pity if the rumors are true about T-Dog – I liked IronE and Jeffery DeMunn and wish they had more screen time:

Above: If you’re genre savvy – get a good look. That’s all I’m saying…

Above: He finally read the comics after his character’s death… he’s currently looking for a new agent.

I also got to walk the merchandising floor:

Above: Zombmassage: No ‘happy ending’… nope, not at all

Above: Ketchup makes everything tastes better.

Above: Scouting for possible production companies for the screenplay “Night of Life”. Hey – gotta start somewhere.

Walking into the book section of the convention (shocked me that there was a book section, honestly) gave me hope that I can eventually sell my own books… when they’re finished of course. The authors I talked with were kind, willing to talk to someone who asked some hopefully intelligent questions (no one rolled their eyes, so that was a good sign). With that in mind – I have a goal. By this time in 2013, I will have enough material and cash to go to a convention and sell my stuff under my own imprint. At the very least, it will get me more visibility in other markets. Just a reminder – I do have a book out there: Four Bits and a Dollar for the Kindle and the Nook. Only a $1.50 – a steal at any price, so run out and get your copy now before supplies run out!

Well, I had a jam-packed weekend and I am kinda looking forward to this new shift – except for Thursday and Friday when I’m going to work 13 hours, but I want the overtime to pay for the cover art and editing for the first finished book. Which one is that going to be? I really don’t know. My track record for sticking to a single project is… a little sparse.


Well, farewell Dear Reader. I am warmed up enough to set myself to work.



Seething Apathy

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