The Fifty-Fifth Post: The One I’m Hoping You’re Still Able to Read…

By all accounts, there are going to be some people not able to log into the Internet today because of malware that they were notified about several months ago. Personally, I am crossing my fingers in hopes that work has been struck by it. Of course, by virtue of my schedule any computer issues that plague the company will be taken care of before I come in… except the one that seems to keep me from effectively doing my job. I’m afraid I might have to get upset and write a tersely worded e-mail. Continuing to speak of work – I am done with overtime. I know that I say this every time I take it, but seriously, I am finished with the notion of spending more time there than I absolutely have to on a daily basis. While, yes this will be a larger than average paycheck, and I am funneling a majority of it to hire an artist to do the cover work for the novel (Thank you, Lisa!), but I am also going to get some stuff that I’ve been looking forward to get into my hot little hands for a while. One of them is pre-ordering Halo 4. Great thing about this game is the release day is the week after my birthday… and I got the release day and the day before off as well. A nice week and half away from work, and I get to spend a majority of it shooting at virtual enemies and cuddling with a bottle of absinthe (any suggestions?).

Now, off to the notes about the novel thus far. A word of advice to any beginning writers out there (much like me) – listen to the characters. I’ve had to revise the backstory of one of the main characters (Anya for the one person here who’s read a little bit of it) and it’s a little better for it. I’m a little over half way there and I am hoping to get this done by the beginning of fall so I can get started on another book (a sci-fi/horror story I’ve set aside for the time being). My goal to become a self-sustaining writer and my main tactic is going to be based on an old Stalin quote: “Quantity has a quality of its own.” Yeah – I’m going to make it so that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a book of mine on Kindle, Smashwords and any other e-books providers. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to put forth my best efforts in all of my work (well, my writing work – my day job will be typified by the phrase ‘bare minimum’) because I have heard all the gripes about e-books and I am going to put forth every effort to avoid them.

Oh – my current e-book 4 Bits and a Dollar got its first 5 star review! Completely unsolicited! I am hoping that this will get some more sales and finally get a royalty check. When I get that wonderful check, I am going to buy lunch for myself. You will get to see that lunch here on this blog. Well, the warm up is over – time to get working.



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