The Sixty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Dreamed a Dream So Real… and Forgot It. Never Mind…

I have this thing –when I dream, I try to analyze that dream either while I’m dreaming, or in the next dream I’m trying to analyze the previous dream. The last time something like this happened, it was in the very next dream where I am discussing the previous dream with a small beagle, who is asking me questions about what I felt the dream was about. All in all – it was an interesting peek into my inner workings, but I’m concerned about the beagle’s license to practice psychiatry here as opposed to Maymont Park. I should try to perform some lucid dreaming techniques when I get home at night.

I have three major scenes to finish in the novel: the apothecary, the advice, the duel – with a smaller scene to wrap everything up at the end. I’ve been doing a thousand words (or a little over) a day. Yesterday, I had to tear myself away from the computer to get ready for work – it was great! I love moments like that, when I’m in the zone as it were and everything just flows from my fingertips. It’s like catching fire in a jar, except that warm feeling is from a sense of accomplishment and not my skin burning off through the glass. You’ve probably had moments like that, dear reader. Aren’t they great?

Anyways – other than that, there is surprisingly little going on here of note. I found a gym near where I live where there is a pool where I can swim. I have to admit, I’ve been in a bit of a physical funk for two days. My legs hurt a little and it’s why I tend to just go home directly after work. Maybe I can say ‘fie to you, rat-kin’ and swim a couple of laps during the weekend. It’s not like I have to pick up hewn logs to build muscles anymore.

Oh! Speaking of lifting heavy objects! The Opening Ceremonies are this Friday! I am going to have to clear a lot of space off on my DVR – so I will have to sweep away Battlestar: Galactica to make room since I’ve seen that and I am going to buy the full DVD collection (I was going to buy it, anyways…). While I’m not going to get every hour of coverage (I wish I could) and when the Winter Olympics roll around, I should take those two weeks off. Oh – and the last little bit of Olympics until tomorrow, I swear – Wiggins is on track to be the first person to take the yellow jersey in the Tour de France and earn a gold medal in the games! He’s the first English Tour de France winner, so there’s a bit of pressure on him, but that’s what makes the games great – to see the end result of sacrifice, sweat and tears.

Man, I can’t wait.

Well, off to complete another chapter.

Have a good day.


Seething Apathy

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