The Seventy-Second Post: The One Where I Realize That I’m Not Going To Be Very Productive Today…

The Olympics have started and I am trying to catch all my favorite sports – which is going to be difficult. Thankfully I have several placed where I can go and watch them online. Right now, I am watching the women’s 10 meter air rifle finals with China winning the gold. I missed the women’s basketball against France, but I am going to see the next men’s basketball game – I am looking forward to that and the weightlifting competition. I don’t watch a lot of events, but the one I do watch, I will follow almost rabidly. When the Winter Games come, I am definitely going to take that time off and indulge myself in coverage. Hopefully by then, I’ll be writing full time and can just get up from the bed and go to the TV. I tend to like the Winter Games a bit more than the Summer Games, but hey – it’s the Olympics (even if there are some games that have been dropped).

However, I am going to endeavor to put in my work on the novel today – finishing up the poisoning scene and moving on to the advice scene, which will put me within spitting distance of finishing this thing. After this, I will be going through the rewrites, which I am going to go through here, if only to make sure I remember what I need to do when I get to that point:

  1. Give Rhona dialogue. Not as hard as one would think.
  2. Give Anya some non-stabbing, non-raging scenes.
  3. Don’t know if I want to give Everthirst some scenes.    

I know I’m dragging on this and the story, but the Olympics are playing on the TV. I might wrap this up and enjoy the women’s handball (Spain vs. South Korea). Hopefully, I can watch some weightlifting tonight as well.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Seething Apathy

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