The One Hundred and Sixth Post: The One Where I Wish Everyone A Merry Midget Face Shooting Eve…

Well after midnight tonight, I can only write about my quivering anticipation about Master Chief. Today, before dinner, I am going to get the novel further along so that I can stand in line for three hours to get one of the most anticipated games this year. After I get the game, I am going to spend most of Tuesday playing it, being ever so happy to say “Yeah! In the face!

What should I do in the meantime? Any suggestions? Anyone? Play more Borderlands, you say? OK.


Anyways, when I am done here, I’m off to finish one chapter re-write and do a second one – the main character should have a reputation as a runner-type of person, so she’s not going to get into any sort of combat in the beginning. That should be for later while she’s traveling with Anya and either one rubs off on the other (write your own jokes, I got a blog to take care of). When that’s done… well, I will need to re-write the chapter after that so everything stays in line. Not that this is a complaint – but I am so ready to get rid of this one and go to I/O Error to try my hand at horror and sci-fi. Who know? I might be good at it.

Oh – I also want to mention someone here who is starting her own blog (she’s also the editor I have mentioned – give her some love before her sanity is crippled by having to slog through my mess of a novel). Please feel free to drop by and give some support to her. She’s a great writer and deserves to be made far more prominent out there.

Now – and to football. My favorite team actually won a game against the Saints in a close game (for them) but I had to watch Luck smack around the opposing team. Seriously? I thought Cam Newton would help get some more games to the TV, but the only game that I know is going to be televised is this Thursday, which is going to be on the NFL Channel. You know the NFL Channel – the one my cable company dropped about a month ago. Thanks, guys. Really – thanks for dropping one channel, but letting TLC hang around and the History Channel continue to not show history… and not even the whacked out conspiracy history I used to make fun of often. I am seriously considering dropping them soon if there’s a faster IP out there.

Well – I need to get to the novel. Hope y’all have a good day. I know I’m a little short today, but I want to get everything out before dinner and midnight.

And another thing – this post won’t hit until later because I’m going to need to upgrade my blog account and I don’t have the funds for it right now. So – you’ll see this in a couple of weeks. Sorry.



Seething Apathy

The One Hundred and Seventh Post: The One Where I Explain Why Your E-Mail Box Just Blew Up…

Hello, everyone – by the time you read this, it will be about a week from now and there will be at least eight other entries waiting patiently for your attention (except for Monday – he’s a bit of a drama queen). WordPress gives all their users who decide to go the cheap route – starving their children, no doubt – three gigabytes of storage space. Well, Tuesday I hit that mark and I’m faced with two choices: delete some earlier entries (which I did) or buy more space. It’s not a bad price (10 Gigs at $20.00), it’s just… well… things are a little tight now. So, for now it’s just me talking to myself as it were.

So – there was this thing called Borderlands 2 which I played for about nineteen and a half hours. Seriously. A three hour nap and a break for Attack of the Show and X-Play (if the reports are true, they are not long for this world anyways) constituted my time away from the X-Box. What do I think of Borderlands 2? glorious!
A lot of sequels suffer from ‘been there, done that and got the trophy’. Borderlands 2 expanded on the world of Pandora with an art direction that is head and shoulders better than the previous one. Yes, I’ve played a lot of it in one sitting and I haven’t gotten that far in terms of the game’s story, but I can already tell there is more emphasis on the character’s back story than in the other one. The game play is similar (if it moves, shoot it) with the exception of something called badass points. In Borderlands, there were little tasks you could perform and get extra XP. With Borderlands 2, you get points upon completing a minor task to make minor upgrades to a character (like +1% to your character’s maximum HP), but the great thing about this is that those adjustments can carry over to the next character you play. So if you played Zer0 (like I did, but I changed his name to Ni1) and got a bunch of points for him (it?), then made a new character – those points are applied to the new character and he or she starts out a little better than if you played it originally. I think it’s a nice idea.

Do I have any writing news? Nope. Sorry to everyone, but yesterday was a day off in all respects. I am going to get back on the stick tonight and get back into it.

In other news, the movie Dredd hits the theatres Friday and I’m going to see it later next week. I am passingly familiar to the film – thanks, Anthrax! – and I am a fan of Karl Urban so this will be interesting. On the TV front, the new season of Person of Interest starts next Thursday. One of the few shows that I follow very closely and have not missed an episode during the original run. I highly recommend it.

Well, I need to get showered and ready to go back to work. *Sigh*.



Seething Apathy


The One Hundred and X Post: The One That’s Not Going To Hit WordPress Right Away…

(This is a test blog… you can read if interested) Well, remember when I said that there was going to be an explosion in people’s inboxes? Yeah… that didn’t happen. Apparently, the memory upgrade didn’t take on the network, or something like that. I might have to give their WordPress program a shot, which means that I have to download another program and learn it. Not a big deal, really – I just would like to get some answers as to why WordPress seemed to be more than happy to take my money, but not so happy to give me my space. It’s almost like my romantic life in reverse… of which I will say little else. It is October, after all – my favorite month.

The manuscript for Silence So Sharp is pretty much done and I have begun the editing process before my real editor gets her hands on it. I took out three chapters, regretted it and I am going to put back in one that gives up an idea as to Rhona’s particular background, but the brigands get to live another few days since I’m not having Rhona kill them and freak out. I am torn between either ignoring them completely or showing the reader how Rhona is able to survive on her own. So, I might have to re-write a couple of chapters, then send it to the editor. I am using Smart-Edit for word issues (apparently, everyone likes to nod – 91 times the word ‘nodded’ was used, but it’s 91 times out of 70,000 words – not too bad, or so I hope) and I might put the whole thing through the spell-check and the grammar editor in Word. After that, I will call it done and plunge into I/O Error. Hopefully, I can get that one done before the end of the year (It’s my Nanowrimo project) and purchase an editor and artist for that one.

As far as other things, right now I am knee deep in this wonderful book. I have to admit, I got the first one as a lark (I mean – white trash zombie? What’s not to like?) and got sucked in. Having a background similar to the main character, I quickly empathized with her situation (yes… I am a zombie, and I feel better for getting that off my chest) and the whole book is fast paced and well thought out. Loved it! The sequel does not disappoint at all. Hopefully there will be a third book. One of the best pieces of work I have read this year. I am also reading Goddess of the Market, a biography of Ayn Rand – it’s pretty good, a little draggy at times, but it certainly does show the influences that shaped her life and the influence she held over others.

Oh, and in keeping with tradition – when the first book hits Kindle, I need to get a tattoo. Any suggestions on the subject matter? Boots and a sword with a cloak hanging off the handle? An elven woman and a fencer dancing? I kinda like the second one.

Well – I gotta get ready for work. Have fun y’all.



Seething Apathy