The One Hundred and Eleventh Post: The One Where I Have Some Good News For A Change…

The novel is finished and off to the editor! Yes, there have been some delays – but all that matters are that it’s done and I can move on to the next novel. Finally. I can switch gears to horror. In my head I am still dithering over some things, but I’ll get them worked out by the time I get to them in the book. The next step (once the novel is edited and ready for release into the cold, cruel world) is to get a website set up so I can sell it. Of course, I am hampered by one tiny thing: I have no idea what to do next. So the next few weeks in between writing about the heliopause and dealing with Evil.

On the other hand – Evil does get shot in the face a lot in this game.

On other fronts, I’m working a 3 day work week and a full week, and then I’m off for a week and a half for my birthday and the Halo 4 release. Oh – there is a webseries on YouTube that you should give your attention to, (especially if you’re a Halo fan… but if you are, then you might already know about this) it is call “Forward Unto Dawn“. Why can’t we have things like this on broadcast TV? Yes – I am a fan of this, but there is more to this particular grief than not being able to see Master Chief on the big screen. It seems like all the talent has fled from there to cable and from cable to the Internet. I’m not saying there’s nothing to watch on broadcast, but there is just painfully little to watch. I was primed for “Revolution”, but I wasn’t wowed after two episodes. I watched an episode of “Last Resort” – the jury is still out on that. Most of the stuff that I watch is documentaries, movies and very old programs (NCIS is in its 10th season!). I’ve got my eye on the Kindle Fire as a test to see if Hulu Plus and Netflix might be a better alternative to TV – as a lot of friends have told me.

Well, this edition is going to be a little short – there are more electrical problems at the house and I need to get a electrician this time. Huzzah for being a house owner.


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