The One Hundred and Eighth Post: The One Where I Feel The Invisible Hand Of Inevitability Doing This To Me…

… except it’s going to take a weed trimmer to get through my hair.

Sorry things have been a bit scattered over the past few days, but I had to pay for more storage on WordPress and find out that the problem might have been with my laptop. I’m glad I got the extra space, which should take me for at least another 300 or so entries for now. I’ve also been waking up later than usual because I’ve been going to bed later than usual…

A Tiny Hint as to why…

Now that everything has been squared away, I should be getting back on track as far as posting and writing in general. That being said, there isn’t a whole lot going on. I’m just patiently waiting for my first of two vacations and my birthday. Right now, I just feel out of sorts – which is why I am getting a new coffee pot and something I found called Death Wish Coffee. Maybe this will perk me up in the morning… or it will make my heart explode. Either way, I am going to be awake in the morning.

I am still doing some rough editing (adding chapters, changing dialogue, banging my head against a wall – you know, writer stuff) on the novel. This Saturday is going to be the last of the big push days. Get those two short chapters done and merged into the manuscript and make some important word changes, then send it off to the editor to let the hacking begin. You may not be able to tell this, but I am really excited about this happening – another space monkey moment in the works. Sorry – just fell asleep for a minute there. Yeah – getting new coffee pot and that coffee next week.

Well, I am going to get ready for work, so everyone have fun and I will speak at you later.