The One Hundred and Fortieth Post: The One Where I Tell You About A Dream I Had Last Night…

OK – I’m driving in a SUV in the desert (not the deserts of Arabia, more like the badlands of Arizona or New Mexico… or Fyrestone) and I come across a crashed Concorde Jet that landed mere feet from my house (which ends up being put together like the house I grew up in). As I look out the window and marvel that my house isn’t on fire, I watch people pick through the wreckage. Obviously disturbed by this, I go out and confront the people on the plane. As I walk out the door, I see that someone has set up a table with various things on it – blankets, books and whatever else could be salvaged. I see a police officer and point out the table to him. I ask him if he thinks this is right – given it’s a plane crash that needs to be contained and investigated. The officer looks over the table and the crash and tells me: “We not only allow it, heck – we encourage it.” That’s when I woke up. The most interesting interpretation will be posted here.

My interpretation? Let’s take a look at what we we’re starting from: the badlands. A hard place to be, also a lonely place to live in for any length of time – it would be nice for me, is only it were a little cooler. The Concorde crash? The thing I remember the most is that there were no bodies. So the crash I guess is a representation of something foreign coming into my life – especially that it’s a Concorde and you can’t get more foreign than that type of plane. People picking through the wreckage and the table? Maybe that’s how my subconscious works – picking through the dross of my experiences and producing something. I guess my indignation about this is just that fact that I am somewhat uncomfortable about the process. I would much rather have everything buried deep away somewhere, or better yet – just plain forgotten. The cop? The Freudian concept of the ego in an easily recognized form telling me that this is not only good, but preferred above other means (whatever those other means are). At the end of the dream, shortly before I wake up, I approach the table. I might put this up on a different site or two. It’s rare that my dreams linger this long after I wake up, so maybe having a second set of eyes on it might yield some other interpretations.

Well – no writing to report here given that it is Christmas week. Today, I expect a lot of calls at work, but if I want to get that Christmas pay, I have to show up today. Meh. At least I’m not going to worry about lunch and have a good dinner when I get home. Maybe a week is what I could use to get myself back on track.


Off to shower away the Christmas cheer. Have a good day all.



Seething Apathy

The One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Feel Sorry For The Shark This One Time…

With the show Surviving Zombies, I think the whole Zombie Apocalypse has finally jumped the shark. I’m just done with them as far as following anything new. I’m going to stick to The Walking
Dead and that’s about it. Personally, I hope that when the end that the Mayans predicted end comes, I hope it comes as meteorites, Planet X or zealously overfriendly kittens to kill me through my allergies – just something else other than zombies. I can understand the symbolism of the fear of zombies – we’re scared of the mindless mob, something that moves as an insensate collective without regard to anything else outside of itself. In this age of Facebook, Twitter and the Internet in general, we’re becoming less human and more of a set of collective data points. The zombie just gives us this in a tidy and disturbing visual form. I have a feeling that this zombie craze is going to start to die down after the New Year. Here’s to hoping we come back to our senses and fear robots again. Arnold could use the paycheck.

Speaking of robots… I/O Error continues along and I am going to skip ahead a little bit to write another ice cream scene: the airlock. This is one of the first scenes I envisioned when coming up with the central plot to the novel. I am looking forward to writing this scene and getting it out on paper. The other novel is going to have to wait for Saturday after the grocery shopping is done, but the good thing is that the re-writes (dialogue, getting rid of the idiot ball in one of the chapters) shouldn’t take any more than a day to a day in a half and then I will be done. In other good news, I have found a cover artist for I/O Error
here. The last thing I want to round up is an editor that can work with horror and/or sci-fi, but I am not going to get to that until the book is finished. I might go back to the editor that I used for the first novel if she’s willing, and this time I will actually pay her for her efforts this time. She was nice to take me up pro bono (which I think is Latin for ‘a lunch is owed’). I am working a little on other projects: The Pentateuch of Abel, Spooksayer and that series, and Tyro’s series – what I call my tent pole books. I have others as well: Valentina’s Feast, Graphic Love and Zeno’s Calendar to name a few… very few. I hope to be busy for a while with all of this. Maybe one day (just to aid my slipping memory), I’ll list all the projects and a rough status report.

Christmas continues along – I am getting the last of the shopping lists done and I will soon be able to indulge in one of my traditions:

Obviously, there is going to be more than just this. It’s Christmas, not Lent.

After that will be getting Cloverfield and The
Ruins to round out Christmas. I am going to have fun. I hope you all do, too. Now I have to go shower. Y’all take care.



Seething Apathy.

The One Hundred and Thirty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Talk About The Only Two New Shows Coming Out…

There are only two shows coming out this season (are there seasons anymore?) that I am really enthused about. Since they are on Fox channels, I will need to watch them while they’re on the TV:

The Following: Kevin Bacon. James Purefoy (Rome). So far this is a good combination – James Purefoy can pull off smarmy and smug, and I like the central concept that speaks to the Facebooker/blogger part of me. I just hope that we don’t see very much of James except in the first few episodes to establish his character. If this doesn’t get the big numbers right out of the gate, I think this is only going to get a season. It really all depends on how they work the actual followers – it could become a ‘themed killer of the week’ very quickly and that will kill it. Then again – it’s Fox, they’ll kill anything.

The Americans

: OK – this is the one that I am all in on. This one harks back to the Cold War – so the normal target audience of FX might look at this without the same sense of strong nostalgia that I will see. I lived through the last twenty years of that period, so I can put myself into that mindset. As one critic has put it, there is something about the ‘us vs. them’ mentality in the 80’s that we need now on TV, and I agree with her. Now that we are far removed from that time and conflict, we can come back to it safely. Keri Russell (Felicity) is the star quotient in the show, but this could work with a cast of complete unknowns. Personally, I would like to have seen Konstantin Khabenskiy in the lead role, but that would have brought up issues with the sleeper agents being able to fit in so well. Since this one is on FX, there is a chance we can see multiple seasons.


It’s a shame that there are only two really good shows coming out so far. While Fox doesn’t follow the normal ‘season’ like the other networks, they do seem to have a knack for picking decent shows to play (except that one time…). I will watch the premiere episodes and report back to you, the faithful reader. But for now – I have lunch to make.

Until later, good friends.


Seething Apathy


The One Hundred and Thirty-Seventh Post: My, How a Regular Week Flies After Doing 2 Weeks At Once!

It’s already Thursday here. This week continues to fly by – then again, I did do a lot last week. I’m also going to meet with the writers’ group here on Saturday (which means waking up earlier than I normally do on the weekdays, but it’s only once a month. No biggie then), so I’ll need to get everything ready for them tomorrow night. Since my printer still refuses to print black, I’m going to have to print my submission in a festive red color. In the New Year, I might just ditch the thing. Hardly print, copy, scan or fax anything anyways – when I need that, there are Kinko’s or an Office Max within shouting distance. Might just scan a few pictures I’ve been meaning to put into my picture collection (going on 6 GB now) and then just cast the printer into the can and save up the money to get something a little more upscale and reliable. We will see what 2013 brings us… assuming that the world doesn’t crashing to a halt. If it does – I expect several girls from high school to show and fulfill their promises.

The sisters have been introduced in I/O Error! With this, signals the beginning of the second act and the fight to maintain the ship. Speaking of acts, there is a wonderful blog concerning story
structure and I recommend it to everyone… the fact that it is written by the Hulk and that I am at heart a Marvel fanboy has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nope. Nothing at all. I am also working on creating a central mythos with this story that would link it to one other story I have written and several I have in my head. Stephen King did this with Flagg with the conclusion in The Dark Tower (I think he shows up in ‘The Talisman’). I like those moments when you read something, then realize it shows up in another work and you follow that thread through several books. Nerdy? Sure. Fun? Of course! I am aiming for a late February completion date for I/O Error and hoping to get it out there by end of March.

The holidays approach and I am getting things together for the marathon. Popcorn, movies, Danish cookies and hamburgers are being lovingly gathered for Christmas. If anyone in the blogging area is bored with hanging out with family and wants to watch a horror movie (or three) is invited. I will even make dinner (hamburgers) for those who come in. All I ask is that you have a love for horror films, and like your burgers cooked medium-well.

Well, off to get well-scrubbed and ready for work. Y’all have fun.


Seething Apathy

The One Hundred and Thirty-Sixth Post: The One Where I Am Contemplating Not Shaving Today…

… because I know what puts eyeballs on the page, ladies. 😀 OK – maybe not that. It’s a bit of a hassle to shave in the morning and people seem to like me with a beard. So, I might just go on ahead and let grow out for the winter.

If you were looking for deep philosophical discussions and keen insights into society – you might want to look elsewhere. Sorry – this is only the warm-up for my head in the morning, or to rant about TV shows or movies. Don’t worry, if I get one of those keen insights, I’ll put it here first. I promise.

We’re about a third of the way through I/O Error and I am getting ready to bring in the Sisters. I’ve been waiting to get to this point since I started to put words on the page. When this little scene is done, I’ll get to Rob’s scene in the airlock – although I think I might move around some things and get the airlock scene earlier to ratchet up the weirdness factor of everything. I also don’t remember is I discussed this or not, but one of the things I was doing was having Gail’s consciousness (?) split into two sides: the quantum side (which deals in quantum processing and allows to tackle non-linear things and to work better with people in general) and her logical side (a traditional computer processor, albeit one that could run laps around anything we have today). When I would write – I would have them interacting with each other like some sort of Odd Couple:

The logical side of her processor noted that Milo was an independent device and did not need or benefit from any sort of increased attention. The quantum side of the processor told the logical side to put a sock in it.

It’s a cute line – it gives us a lot of information in few words. We see one of her internal conflicts and that could come into play in later scenes:

“Get a hold of yourself.” She muttered as she walked down a flight of stairs. “It’s only a CME. Milo’s been through worse. I’ve been through worse. The guest pods are working fine. There is absolutely nothing that’s going to happen.” Her logical processors pointed to everything she had said earlier and affirmed that the probability of anything to endanger the functioning of the Massive Internal Logical Operator, the guest pods and the android identified as Gail unit 23-Green were infinitesimally small enough to be categorized as non-existent. The quantum processors emphasized that even a stopped clock was right twice a day. Gail rubbed her temples – less a command of her dithering program and more of a mannerism adopted from one of the techs she worked with.

Again – interesting lines, but alas; they are not lines that should be in this story. The concept is that the reader is seeing everything that Gail sees, so when the others start to doubt what she is experiencing is that we are sitting in our comfy (or uncomfy bus benches) and harshly whispering ‘Yes, it’s there! Just look!’ So – in keeping with Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling, I am going to have to cut lines like this; however, I am going to wait to do the first round of re-writes first. Everything in its time.

Well, speaking of time – time to dunk under myself warm water and scrub myself clean. I hope y’all have a good day.


Seething Apathy

The One Hundred and Thirty Fifth Post: The One Where I’m Fiddling with the Thermostat Settings…

… there has to be a temperature between 0 Kelvin and Just After The Big Bang, right? Yes – old heaters are like toddlers: they’re more durable than you think, but they only have the two settings of full tilt and naptime. At least I have my shorts unpacked, so I can wear those inside. It’s all about comfort, isn’t it? It’s not like I’m going to have visitors dropping by at random times. Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t stop by anymore. Sheesh – you open the door in a black robe with a blood stained knife and suddenly I’m
the neighborhood weirdo? I almost feel slighted. Oh, well.

I/O Error resumes regular work tonight. Monday was a bit of an unexpected slow day at work, so I’ve been working on a separate piece on my tablet. As always, when I work on one thing, ideas for other things pop up. I have a new idea for how Gail sees everything, so I might go on ahead and make the changes. The idea is best described as ‘Terminator-vision in print’. The re-write for the first novel is going to go on Saturday and I hope to have it finished then. I have another writer’s group meeting, so I might have to cut out some time from doing laundry (Oh, who are we kidding? When I say ‘doing laundry’, I mean this). I like the group. I’m getting some really good feedback on my work, and I am getting exposed to new restaurants. My new favorite? B.D.’s Mongolian Grill. If you haven’t been there, I highly suggest you go at your first chance. Back to I/O Error: the whole plot is basically man vs. nature (stretching the notion of man) or number 31 (stretching the definitions of ‘god’ and ‘man’). This is going to be a good book since I love to tweak tropes and plot points. I just got to get it finished. Maybe before February 2014 at this rate – just maybe.

Next weekend, I am going to venture forth into the Christmas crowds and do a little holiday shopping for others and maybe even catch a movie. I doubt Argo is still in the theatres (which is a shame), so I’ll go see The Hobbit instead. My Christmas plans are coming along – I might end up buying Cloverfield before Christmas since it’s an integral part of the holiday season. After all, nothing says ‘merry Christmas’ like this. OK – odd Christmas habit to be sure, but it works for me. If any faithful readers (all three of you) have movie suggestions, I will be more than happy to entertain them. All I ask is that it’s a horror film. Bonus points if it’s either J-horror or K-horror.

On another thing, I am considering dabbling in Apple products. They’re selling 1st Gen iPads for about $300.00 at Target. I figure that this is cheap enough (for Apple) that I can dip my toes into the system and if I am not satisfied, I haven’t plunked down a lot of cash. Of course, $300.00 is also the cost of having a website hosted for a year. So, I’ll have to prioritize things. I also need to get that tattoo I promised myself. We will see what I get as far as a paycheck goes and work from there.

Speaking of work – I need to get showered, dressed (yeah – apparently nudity is distracting at work… even more so for me) and off to work. I really hope that this Tuesday is a slow one.



Seething Apathy

The One Hundred and Thirty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Get Up A Little Later In The Day and It Makes All The Difference…

No more overtime for me this year. Nope. A 61 hour work week is good enough for gifts and a little something for me. This Christmas, I am going to follow the tradition of cooking hamburgers and watching horror films. The prospective list:

  • The Ring (always starts the marathon)
  • 1406
  • Population 426
  • Drag Me To Hell
  • The Ruins
  • Cloverhill (always ends the marathon)

I’m not a fan of the holiday season, and this is the best way to celebrate it. It’s not candy canes and wrapping paper, but it works for me. Standing invitation for readers of this blog – I’ll cook for you and we can enjoy the movies. Popcorn, hamburgers, fries and beans – nothing says ‘holidays‘ like screaming at the top of your lungs.

As some of you might know, I am a fan of paranormal shows… but I think with the show Haunted Encounters we’ve jumped the shark. There are some good shows out there, but now it’s as if the only way to get a show is you have to have ‘paranormal’ in the title. Personally, I am waiting for The Paranormal Top-Chef Survivor Race to come out next year. I promise that I will bemoan the death of TV on the Saturday posting.

Now that I am back to the regular hours, I am trying to get back in I/O Error and get to the climax by the end of January. Also, this Saturday, I am going to finish the re-write for the first novel and get that out the door. This reminds me; I have to get back to the artist and give her my notes on the cover art and write the back blurb for the book cover. Once all that’s done, I can start to get my stuff together for the website. With any luck, it’s going to be early next year that the site goes live and I will soon be able to give y’all the video of me cashing the first royalty check and having my lunch.

Another thing I will need to consider getting over the holidays is a new coffee machine. It’s getting colder and I could use a warm caffeinated drink in the morning. I also found this, so I am certainly going to give it a shot. It might be the thing to get me going in the morning or at least keep me warm. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to abandon Starbucks, but there is no store on my way to work. I know, I am just as shocked as you are. Since I keep some odd hours, there are no open Starbucks on the way home either (I take a different way home than I do from work). The only one I am near is the one in the local Kroger’s and I hit that on the weekends.

Well, I need to get ready to head out. Hope you all have a good day.


Seething Apathy

The One Hundred and Thirty-Third Post: The One Where I Remind Myself To Take A Deep Breath…

The plumber is coming.  Which means I get to remind myself that I can freak out privately when he’s gone.  Sorry, I don’t like strangers in the house to the point of insanity, but the plumbing needs to be fixed.  So, between that and the few hours of sleep I’ve been getting, this is not going to be the best of days.  Time to double (or even triple?) down on the Pepsi Max (you listening, guys?) and smile on the phone.

Well, the writing has dropped to a crawl thanks to the extra hours.  This weekend, I am committed to finishing the last of the re-writes and maybe getting someone new to read it.  I’ve got to get back with the artist and give my notes concerning the cover art.  After that, I need to get the websites set up and get it uploaded.  I will be happy to get that novel finished so I can give I/O Error my full attention and get it finished before the end of spring. I’ve read from another successful self-published writer that you have to manage a book a year.  I am fairly certain I can do more than that.  Of course, she writes erotica, so I would imagine she’s going to be a little more popular as it were.  I can give that a shot… under a pseudonym obviously.  Which means I’ll have to read erotica to get an idea as to what is expected and some sense of vocabulary.  Work, work, work. 🙂

I think the plumber is here, so I am going to sign off and quietly panic.

Seething Apathy

The One Hundred and Thirty Second Post: The One Where I Am Just As Surprised As You Are…

They cut my overtime hours. Seriously. Of course, not today… but for the next week, I am going to be working from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. Apparently those extra 5 hours are going to make a world of difference. I’m sure most people would say neat, I can get some more sleep. I’m saying: sleep is for the week, I need cash. Sci-Fi artists and editors aren’t cheap.  It’s not only that (and this could be the sleep deprivation talking), but if you say that you need my help from x to y and I agree… then give me x to y. Now, I have to change my schedule again. I’m the kind of person that can’t change the mental aspects of a plan easily. I’ve got to get myself mentally ready (work myself up to it, and I was ready to go).

The way they did it was a little rankling. I would have liked to have gotten something in the way of thanks for stepping up to help, but it looks like we’re not going to need all of those hours you put in. Not don’t come in until 12:00 for the rest of the week.  A little acknowledging of volunteering to work 16 hours a day for five days a week on only five hours of sleep per day would be nice. The paycheck would have been nice too. It is, however, the principle of the matter for me.

Well, round two is gearing up, so I must hie and away. I will have a better post for you tomorrow, I promise.

Sincerely yours,
Seething Apathy