The One Hundred and Thirty-Seventh Post: My, How a Regular Week Flies After Doing 2 Weeks At Once!

It’s already Thursday here. This week continues to fly by – then again, I did do a lot last week. I’m also going to meet with the writers’ group here on Saturday (which means waking up earlier than I normally do on the weekdays, but it’s only once a month. No biggie then), so I’ll need to get everything ready for them tomorrow night. Since my printer still refuses to print black, I’m going to have to print my submission in a festive red color. In the New Year, I might just ditch the thing. Hardly print, copy, scan or fax anything anyways – when I need that, there are Kinko’s or an Office Max within shouting distance. Might just scan a few pictures I’ve been meaning to put into my picture collection (going on 6 GB now) and then just cast the printer into the can and save up the money to get something a little more upscale and reliable. We will see what 2013 brings us… assuming that the world doesn’t crashing to a halt. If it does – I expect several girls from high school to show and fulfill their promises.

The sisters have been introduced in I/O Error! With this, signals the beginning of the second act and the fight to maintain the ship. Speaking of acts, there is a wonderful blog concerning story
structure and I recommend it to everyone… the fact that it is written by the Hulk and that I am at heart a Marvel fanboy has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nope. Nothing at all. I am also working on creating a central mythos with this story that would link it to one other story I have written and several I have in my head. Stephen King did this with Flagg with the conclusion in The Dark Tower (I think he shows up in ‘The Talisman’). I like those moments when you read something, then realize it shows up in another work and you follow that thread through several books. Nerdy? Sure. Fun? Of course! I am aiming for a late February completion date for I/O Error and hoping to get it out there by end of March.

The holidays approach and I am getting things together for the marathon. Popcorn, movies, Danish cookies and hamburgers are being lovingly gathered for Christmas. If anyone in the blogging area is bored with hanging out with family and wants to watch a horror movie (or three) is invited. I will even make dinner (hamburgers) for those who come in. All I ask is that you have a love for horror films, and like your burgers cooked medium-well.

Well, off to get well-scrubbed and ready for work. Y’all have fun.


Seething Apathy

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