The One Hundred and Fifty-Second Post: The One Where I’m Having Biscuits and Gravy, Coffee and Working on That Idea…

Good morning all. I got some biscuits and gravy for breakfast while getting ready for my private Superbowl party – congrats to the winner. I had fun and I even did some reading while the power was out. Yes – I wanted to read when they weren’t doing anything. I had good reason: she is one of my favorite authors and a good friend of mine. I also apologize for being away from the blog for an extended period of time. This is a depression-rich season for me, so there will be times where I’m not bubbling for with prose. However, I am feeling better with having some good food and coffee in me. Now, if only it would get a little bit warmer.

The Hellraiser idea is sticking with me for now, so I am working on it in my head. I am working on the notion that this going to be a descent into madness for our protagonist. I am doing my research for this – I bought Hellbound
Heart to read first, and there is an anthology to be read as well as to try to work into my series (I also can’t be the only one who has thought of this. If someone beat me to it, then this goes into the ‘re-work for later’ pile in my head… you know – the one that’s about the size of Everest). In the face of all of this, I will say that my re-writes for the first novel continue on and I/O Error totters forward. I am going to have the first novel finished by the end of March and I/O Error finished by the end of June. Valentina’s Feast is to be done by the end of September and Spooksayer: Primum Movens by the end of December. I still have plenty ideas available for the following year (I am trying to get out a tentpole novel out once a year and writing smaller works around it to keep things going) and I am certain that I can keep busy for a while. If not – there’s always dishes to be done.

Speaking of dishes – I have been giving some serious thought to cutting the cable to drop how much money I am going to need to save up before I can quit my job. Right now, I am averaging $200.00 a month for the services. Now, I can drop that down to $58 if I cut everything TV related and up my broadband service to 20 Mb. I’ve been taking a look at Apple TV and if there is just the $99.00 charge – then I am going to cut the cable and use some of the money to buy iTunes cards and get my favorite series to download… providing that I can import my iTunes library. With Apple TV, I can also get access to Netflix – another nail in the coffin. Between that and the digital antenna to get broadcast TV, I am not seeing a need for cable anytime soon.

Well, I must eat my lunch and get ready for work. Bleh.

I hope you have a better day.



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