The One Hundred and Fifty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Celebrate a Minor Victory…

I’m awake at 9:30! I guess all it took was Art Bell and Shiny Toy Guns in concert to me out of bed. So I am a little bit ahead of schedule today… could this be the beginning of a grand new era? I am hoping to get more productive – which is one of my biggest faults as far as writing. I am slow – winter molasses slow. It takes me almost an hour to write this blog and I am trying to keep it short at 500 words. Another fault? Easily distracted. Hopefully, I can beat both by just getting up a little earlier and having more coffee in my system.

I/O Error is stalling out on me, so I am going to work on something else for a while. I don’t know if this falls under the sin of ‘easily distracted’ or I just get bored with what I am doing and move on to something else. So, I am moving on to a romance novel that’s been rolling around in my head for a while. It’s taking place in the same world as one of my other novel series (which I hope to get to one day before I die), so this will allow me to do a little more world building. I’m still committed to my main goal of getting one novel finished by the end of March – since I am doing final revisions on one, this is a goal that looks like I can complete in a reasonable period of time. I’ve got so many ideas flitting about like glittery yarn in front of cat with ADD. Right now, I am getting things formatted in Scrivener so that I can just flip from idea to idea and try to maintain some sort of progress.

Does anyone remember the TV series Kings? I do. Much to my surprise, it’s on iTunes for $12.00. I don’t know how I lived before Apple TV. There are a lot of old series that were abandoned for whatever reality show Universal needed to ram down our throats (bitter about G4? Nope, not me…) on iTunes. So far, the only big complaint I have about it is that there seems to be no support for the NFL, then again – it’s not the season yet, but I can catch hockey, baseball and basketball on it with a modest (!) fee. I’ve been looking to get into hockey, and this would be a good time… but I think I can hold out until next season. Baseball looks good, but I am more of a fan of the home team, so I might try it next season, and I am not a huge fan of basketball, college (no matter how hard my hometown tries…) or otherwise. I am hoping that there will be full games on iTunes during the regular football season. Who knows? I might actually be able to follow my favorite team for a change.

Well, speaking of being productive – I should work on something. I hope y’all have a good day.



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