The One Hundred and Sixtieth Post: The One Where I Could Find Myself Chatting With HR…

No one really pays attention to Facebook right? I put a picture on my Facebook page that, I feel accurately represents my emotional state concerning my present working conditions:

In all fairness, I can’t pull off the headband the way she does.

Given our current societal fears of workplace violence, my saving grace is that I don’t go by my known name on Facebook… but there are some people from work who I have friended. Maybe that was a bit of a hasty choice. The friending, not the picture. Well, if HR does decide to have a talk with me, then my defense will be: ‘you’ve never worked in a call center, have you?It should work.

I am working on a romance project while the cast of I/O Error decides what they want to do. I’m putting it in the same ‘world’ as a couple of other books just to make things easier as far as what’s what. I need to get a mapping program, since the map I’ve been using looks suspiciously familiar:

I can see the sea from here!

If anyone has a suggestion, feel free. Once I’ve mastered it (please be simple…), I’ll start making maps for the stories just so I can be consistent with the landscape and get a good sense of ‘this is a real place’. Especially with the fantasy stories where everything is interconnected (somewhatthere is a four hundred year gap that I might occupy with something), I want to have that sense of continuity. Also it will keep me working if all goes well for me and the books.

Arrgh – I am so slow today. I need to get more coffee and try to focus on the characters for the new project. So, with that in mind – I should go. My people need me.

Thanks for reading,


Seething Apathy