The One Hundred and Eightieth Post: The One Where I Talk About The Disquiet That Is Lurking In My Bones

Ever woke up one morning and you just feel… off? Like there is something misaligned, or just plain missing, and you’ve just found that out? I am feeling that right now, along with some of the usual pains in my back and where that boil continues to stubbornly hang onto life. I’m supposed to go see the surgeon in a couple of weeks to check up on it, but I don’t think this feeling comes from that. It’s a feeling I’ve had before and most of the time, I just chalk it up to existential ennui and leave it alone. Today – I don’t know about that. Now, I could be having issues with the pain medication I am still taking. I did have to take some last night because my back was keeping me awake, and it still is hurting, so I am taking the recommended dose. I’m going to keep on taking it until it runs out and after that – that’s it. No more.

As far as writing goes, I am trying my hand at writing literary erotica erotic fiction smut. I am also trying to settle into a new schedule: Week One is for writing the stuff that I know is going to generate some cash, since my goal is to ultimately get out of the job I am at now. Week Two will be for one-shot novels (Out, Out Brief Candle
I/O Error to start with) and Week Three will be for long standing series (The Unchained series and Spooksayer) and Week Four will be for serials (After Ever). I know that a story can usually hold my attention for a week before I start drifting onto other things. So, hoping to harness my powers of distraction for good instead of ooh! A Quarter! Anyway – I am going to try to knock out a couple of short pieces this week and next week get back to I/O Error. I am trying to find a way to work that suits me and can keep me productive. If I can get something out there that can pay a little bit, I can start to transition to writing full time. I have found a decent editing program online and I’m using Word to keep my grammar manageable, so all I really need is some flesh-and-blood people to read and point out plot holes and inconsistencies. I’ll also need an artist, but I can stalk and find some people there. I would do it, but I have neither the talent no the time to try to master GIMP.

Well, I am bummed that Warehouse 13 is getting cancelled. I don’t know what is going through the head of programming at Sy-Fy sometimes. It is a good show… its science fiction as far as I am concerned. At least Continuum is getting a second season with them, which means I will have to buy the season pass as soon as it comes up on iTunes. I’m also going to get the season pass for Longmire and buy the first season. That is a gorgeous looking show with a stellar cast (Katee Sackhoff among them). I bought the season premiere and will get the season pass soon. My phone bill is coming up, so I’ve got to keep $150(!) aside for that.

I should get back to writing, so I will wish everyone here a good day.



Seething Apathy

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