The One Hundred and Eighty-First Post: The One Where I Overcame Bed Gravity… Barely

Hello, all – I stayed up late last night playing Borderlands 2 with the newest DLC character Krieg and I finally made myself put the controller down and turn off the Xbox (the last one I am going to buy – no backwards compatibility? Screw you Microsoft) at 5 AM. I get in about 12:30 AM and I usually go to sleep around 2:00 and wake up around 10:30. So I hit the snooze button a couple of times… and finally got out of bed. I do have a question for the people who might be reading this blog and playing Krieg as well – is it just me, or does Krieg seem to jump up levels like crazy? I gained three levels in the Natural Selection Annex and I didn’t even finish the challenge. I know that if he gets a Pull the Pin kill, it doubles the XP – but I don’t get a lot of those just because of my playing style. I’m not complaining since I am going to go on ahead and play him to 61, but it seems that he’s zooming through the levels.

I continue along with the schedule and the smut. I’m almost done with one and I’ve found one I started on my laptop, so I just need to send it to my network drive. I want to get at least four done this week (going to try to finish one today and the other tomorrow – worse comes to worse, I’ll just work through Saturday and save the movie/dinner combo for Sunday) and use some public domain pictures for covers and post them onto Kindle. I’m trying to average 7K keeping in mind the purge Amazon did recently and only charge $2.00 for them. I’m going to try to build up a 3 month buffer over the next couple of months so that I can release a new one a week and hopefully build some cask up for a cover artist for I/O Error.

Well, I am afraid that I am going to have to cut this a little short. I don’t want to hit the showers without having written something. Thanks for dropping by.



Seething Apathy

One thought on “The One Hundred and Eighty-First Post: The One Where I Overcame Bed Gravity… Barely

  1. It’s good to read your getting back to doing the things you love best!
    Hope your pains and ailments drop levels as fast Krieg ascends them in the game! big hug if it doesn’t hurt to, B

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