The One Hundred and Ninetieth Post: The One Where Apparently Four Hours of Sleep Is Good Enough For Me…

Good morning all! I went to sleep last night at 3 AM and woke up at 7 AM. Since I can’t get back to sleep right now, I am going to do this, try to finish up an act in my outline and see what happens with the rest of the day. The Tiny Tina DLC comes out today… and my prepaid Xbox subscription happens to run out at the same time. Nice. I guess I’ll have to wait until I get paid to get it and try to avoid as many spoilers as possible. Yeah – good luck with that, I know.

I am still working on Tyro’s outline and I will finish the first Act today. I got about 85% of it done on Saturday and a little yesterday. The first act is four chapters long and (spoiler) and will end with Tyro getting some of The Great Book imprinted in her mind – setup in chapter 2 and 3. So, if I can really put my nose to the grind stone and hold off reading my favorite
web comics until work, I should get this act done. I like how everything is turning out in my head. Tyro is taking a different look to her from the earlier versions I had of her. I’ve got a good feeling about this one. I should – I’ve been working on her since ’97. I wonder if I should put up pictures of the people I have cast in my head for the series? Too spoilerly? We’ll see. First, I need to finish the outline. I also need to review Pixar’s Guide to Writing as I am writing the outline just to see where I can make some unexpected choices.

Yesterday was crazy slow, so I am not looking forward to today. Tuesdays tend to be more hectic (pro-tip, if you have to call into a call center for customer service, pick Thursdays or Mondays) for me, but at least it’s the last week of the month, so it’ll be a little slower…until it’s my break time of course. Well, it could be worse and they’d have me working the whole six hours. I could do that, but I would much rather get my fifteen in at the halfway point. I just wish they’d hurry up and close the shop down like the rumor says they’re going to do. Seriously, if I am there at Christmas, I will be stunned. I’ll also probably be on a suicide watch at that point as well. We’ll see.

Oh – I tried a service on my Blu-Ray player called Crackle. It’s fairly decent – it has The Dresden Files, which looks like it gets close to the series without going over (I recommend the books highly). I see some movies that look interesting and best of all – it’s free. There are some self-serving commercials, but really – they’re only 30 seconds at best and easily ignored. Check it out.

Well, I should get to the outline. I hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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