The One Hundred and Ninety-First Post: The One Where I Reassure All of You That I am Still Here…

I know that I have been away for a while, but I assure you that I am still alive. I’ve been trying to get 1,500 words done a day on my novel, so I’ve been doing that first thing in the morning, and after that I have only enough time to get a shower, lunch and get dressed for work before I head out the door. So, I think I am going to work on the blog in the evening, when I have so much more to say… or we’ll see how this works in the long run. So far, I have been fairly good about it, only had a couple of days that I couldn’t make the whole 1,500. I’ve even managed to finish a whole chapter and my mind is still working on the character in parts (I had a really good idea about her), so I have a lot of high hopes about this novel.

On some other writing news, I got my hands on a copy of Photoshop 7 and I still have the books when I thought I could handle learning it so long ago… and I think I am going to try it again. I’m hoping that through sheer chutzpa I can figure how to use it. No guarantees, but who knows? Maybe with some trickery, I could finally become something of a half decent artist. I mean, I learned to write from practice and reading books about it (seriously, no formal training at all – just reading and writing is all I’ve done), why not this? I still have some manga books in the back room, so I can try that. After all, the worse that can happen is that I show people a picture and tell me it’s a wonderful house… and then I tell them it’s supposed to be a woman. Well – OK, humiliation is the worst that can happen and I can live with that.

As far as things over here go – there has been little to mention. Just trying to get the novel finished by the end of September and I am trying to start up correspondence with a pen pal from Canada. Other than that, there is nothing really big going on. Oh, as some people may have notices – the hyperlinks in some of the past entries have been a little hit or miss… especially with .gif files. I got that taken care of – from here on out, every blue link will take you somewhere interesting and not just the Internet shrugging its shoulders and saying ‘I have no idea‘. Go on ahead and try them out.

Well, I should head off to bed, so I can get up and see just how clever Tyro can be under the most desperate of circumstances without any spiffy ushabit powers save stubbornness and memories of other people. Have a good morning, all.


Seething Apathy

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