The One Hundred and Ninety-Third Post: The One Where The Vacation Countdown Begins…

Four days remain, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to say that. My last vacation was for the release of Bioshock: Infinite (a game that I highly recommend and one that I need to replay soon) in March, so I am due for one. Also – and completely coincidental, I swear – my first day of vacation is the beginning of Fandom Fest. I got my tickets and I am calmly counting down the days. This is going to be the longest four days of my life. When I am not geeking out to the likes of Scully, Khal Drogo and Captain Jack – I am going to get some writing done. I am hoping to finish editing one novel and hopefully get to the end of the first act in the other one.

As much as I have been enjoying writing the first novel… I am so ready to finish the stick game half of the scene and write the first half of the chapter. Yes, I did it out of order because I was tired and thinking about the original outline… the one that got nuked by my writing program. I was able to recreate it in on paper and if you ask me, this one is a little better because it doesn’t have a lot of detail in it like the last one. I am going to get it loaded into the computer (Office 2010…you may begin to impress me for my amusement) and save onto a flash drive for safekeeping. Once it is done I am going to divide it up into 2K chunks and present it to my writing group for their analysis and subsequent loving demolishment. Out of that ruin shall rise a stronger novel that will get put on Amazon and hopefully earn me a few dollars – maybe enough to go full time, or at least enough to get the bathroom floor fixed. I have also begun to outline the second book in a similar fashion in my common book. I like how this story is developing in relation to the first one, but as far as the third one, I have little idea what to do beyond a single scene and a theme, but I am sure I will something will turn up soon. My second novel started with a single scene of the antagonist Siva screaming “YOU WILL NOT ABANDON ME!

I haven’t been keeping up with the summer movies this time around. I saw Evil Dead and Star Trek: Into Darkness… and that was it. There were a lot of movies that came and went that I wanted to see, but either shifting finances or just not as interested as I thought I would be, or at least interested enough to get out the door. Vacation will hopefully change that since I am getting paid that Friday and hopefully will have the time to go catch a matinee. Perhaps I should have dinner and a movie to celebrate my last day of freedom – any takers? I was going to go to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and check out the new cinema in Mall St. Matthews.

Well, I have to get back to the stick game. I hope y’all have a good day.


Seething Apathy

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