The One Hundred and Ninety-Fourth Post: The One Where I Have No Idea What’s Going On Before I Have My Morning Caffeine…

Maybe it has something to do with the music I wake up to in the morning? The song I am using right now, and I am thinking about changing it is “The Fire Rises” from The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack. It’s a rather loud and sudden, so I am waking up to blaring brass horns. So I am jolted awake, almost falling out of bed (a mercifully short drop) and stumbling to my desk on auto-pilot. I sit down still in a daze as I go through my webcomic / Facebook routine. I’m wondering if it’s just the adrenaline rush wearing off from the blast of music. Maybe I should try something a little softer? Then again, I don’t think I have anything softer unless I want to wake up to Origa. Come to think about it – that’s not a bad idea. I might make a change today and see what happens. First – more caffeine for me. Feel free to grab yourself some coffee.

The stick game is almost over, and I cannot be happier. While I liked the idea, it just seemed to drag on for me and that was only one half of the chapter (again, see my previous post). The first half is going to be worked on after the end of the act. I don’t like going backwards, but there are some changes in the stick game and I want to put them in before I forget them (just a reminder: stone hoops for goals about six feet above the ground). After the end of the first act, I get to move on to act two: escape! This is what I am looking forward to since this is the real meat of the story. That and more crazy Nysa. I have to admit that I like writing her dialog:

“Then I leave you to your fate. Nysa, are you ready to run?”

“Go as long as the water brings it to the fresh forged metal, the fire will.” Nysa shifted to face Tyro. Tyro whistled long and hard. The creatures lumbered towards her on either side.

Yes, I am cheating in using this website, but it works and it keeps her sounding odd enough to fit with what the character
type is.


Anyways – I am also counting down to Fandom fest: 3 days and counting. I am looking forward to the body art show and finding some cosplayers. I love cosplay, but I have no talent for it at all what so ever. If I were to take a needle to thread, I’d probably end up putting out an eye – if not mine, then someone else’s by accident. Most of the pictures I have in my computer are of people like Ya-Ya Han, Linda Le and Meagan Marie (in fact, I have downloaded a picture of Meagan Marie as Wonder Woman and using it as a visual reference for the antagonist in Tyro’s second novel. I’ll put it up here.)

I hope she’d be flattered in being inspiration for a character, but more importantly, I hope she won’t sue me.

Well, I have to try to end the stick game and get to the next act before Friday, because nothing is going to get done at that point. I’m not being pessimistic, merely realistic.



Seething Apathy

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