The One Hundred and Ninety-Fifth Post: The One Where I Am Going To Earn My Vacation…(dammit)

My workplace has training for something this week, and I got tomorrow picked for me. I’m not upset about training – hey, it’s paid time for just sitting and listening to someone drone about something that is not going to be used for another year (yes, that’s happened as well). What I am slightly miffed about is that it’s on Thursday – the day before vacation and in the morning. 9 AM to be specific. Some of you are more than likely thinking: what’s wrong with that? Nothing under normal circumstances…but I work from 6 PM to 12 AM and I come home about 12:30 AM, finally going to sleep at 2 AM. I wake up at 10:30…ish…kinda, but I am ready to go by 5:00 PM and did a post and wrote my 1,500 words. So, in order for me to get ready for work at 9 AM, I have to be up at 7. So if I want to get enough sleep, I need to go to bed as soon as I get home tonight. I still have to work at 6:00 PM – travelling back home isn’t an option just because it’s an hour to and fro, not really worth the gas expenditure. So, I’ll have some time to myself in between training and work. What I don’t understand is that why they don’t have training during the normal third shift? I’m not the only person getting the training; there are people who are normally on the floor getting the training at the same time. It’s not about losing efficiency – if that were the case, they would have a slide show presentation and a test (just like our much-needed sexual harassment training) that we could watch in between calls. Besides, the third shift is slow after 8 PM – especially on Thursdays. It’s that the higher ups seem to think that because people who work third shift can just skip a day’s worth of sleep. I would love to find one of these trainers, get them out of bed at 12:30 AM, set them down for 8 hours about terminal repair and then tell them to go to work a full day. I’ll bet someone will change their tune.

OK – enough about my one of many work grievances, on to better things. I finished the third chapter (well, the second half) and started the last chapter in the act. With any luck, I can finish it before my vacation ends and come back with renewed vigor as I get to the second act: escape. I am really looking forward to this part as I get away from the Masters and I let the ushabit loose on the big, wide and largely unsuspecting world. Everything is going to get ratcheted up. As far as the character development goes, Tyro in my head is changing slowly by the circumstances in the next-to-the-last chapter (the one I am finishing up) and I am liking it. Can’t wait to get started!


So, with that said, I should get started. I apologize about the work rant, but I needed to get that off my chest.

Have a good day, y’all.



Seething Apathy

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