Behind Enemy Lines: Friggin’ Mapquest…

Hello all, this has been a bit of a low productivity week for me. Barely got any decent word count on my novel and the blog is languishing. This weekend is going to be a bit of a reset for me. I’m going to work on the novel a little bit more this Saturday. I’ve been falling behind, but I am getting to a good spot in the lull and I am looking forward to giving a character a happy(ish) ending for a change. The next chapter after this one is going to be from the POV of one of the villagers. This will go on for a while to hopefully give us a better look at how odd the ushabit are compared to the regular people.

I don’t know about you, but this week has been a little bleh for me. I’ve just been out of sorts. I can explain one day (for myself), but the other days are an oddity. It’s one of the fears I have about going into writing full-time. I am afraid that I’m going to sit in front of the computer and just have nothing to show for it, so I’ll get up and do something else. Tomorrow told around…then a week… then a month… I don’t know what I would do at that point. Well, I’ll agonize over that when I get to that point in my life.

I am happy that Art Bell is coming back in less than two weeks. I got a subscription for Sirius satellite radio and I am going to get the radio the next time I get paid and upgrade my subscription so I get everything…including the channel for my favorite football team and hockey team. I should also look into getting a new desk. The one I have blocks the for easy into the living room when I am at it. So, there’s a smaller desk for sale that should be able to fit in the same space, but I can slide my chair next to the for rather than in front of it. When all is set, I will supply a picture.

Nothing new here, really. I will enable to return to the regular blog tomorrow and maybe have some better news.

Seething Apathy.