The Two Hundred and Eighteenth Post: The One Where I Am Stumbling Bleary-Eyed Down Memory Lane…

I was gaming with my group last night and one of them pointed me to the logs from an earlier game. Wow – it’s nice to see a character forming, like watching a flower open. I am going to read some more and just see how much I can use for the novel, but it’s nice to look at a game that was rather enjoyable and reminded me why I like RPGs so much – the ability to take a series of numbers and give it a breath of life… even if it’s a babbling mess.

Speaking of babbling messes – I am going to try to finish the chapter this week and get back on track. I want to get them out of the village (and safety…muahahahaha…) and get them towards their destiny in Daergal. Some would say that I am lingering in the village because I don’t want to subject them to any more ill will. Well, I did change the fate of one character once they hit the village, but it is for the better since that one (Nysa) will appear again in the third book. Sadly, there will be no such changes for the others – but I hope it will make for an interesting story. I’ve gotten a better grip on the third novel, so I will more than likely start working on the outline in a couple of months (after Nanowrimo). I’m also working on the outline for the Nanowrimo project at work and since we are at the slow part of the month, I should get it done by the end of the week. As long as it’s done before 10/31, I’ll be OK. This one is going to be a quick edit on Word and get it out the door. I really need to get stuff together and get going. It’s been a while since I put one thing out, so I am very overdue. I also need to get in contact with the artist for the book cover of another overdue project. Maybe I can get that one out sooner.

Well, there is nothing else to report. I am roughly a month away from my birthday and the four day vacation that ensues. Dexter is over and I still have as of yet to watch the final season. Breaking Bad is coming to a fiery close next week. The only show I am really amped up about is premiering tomorrow (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and I am going to buy the season pass when I get paid. Hockey starts and I am going to get the package for that. I’ve also noticed something. Since I dropped cable I am watching less TV. I usually watch an hour on the weekdays (enough for one show) and on Saturday it’s maybe two hours in the evening. I spend more time in front of a computer of some sort (listening to Sirius in the evening when I can) and trying to work on something.

I need to get some more coffee and get back to the happy village. Y’all have a good day.



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