The Two Hundred and Twenty-Third Post: The One Where I Say Farewell to the Work of a Fellow Alumna and Get Back to Work…

Breaking Bad is over and that, good gentlemen and kind ladies, is how you end a series. I am definitely going to buy the whole series when it comes out. Also – getting it on iTunes to be able to enjoy it immediately. It is one of the best series out there… a far better way to end it than certain others that have wrapped up in TV Land recently. I also got to celebrate someone’s birthday:

She was so happy to have me take her picture; she didn’t shoot lasers from her eyes at me.

The outline for the NaNoWriMo is coming along now with the changes. I finished the first act (which was only one chapter) and I am getting into the second act today. I might even get into the third act as early as Thursday and will definitely get it done by mid-October. A little polishing and I will be ready to rip into it on November 1st at 12:00:01 and hopefully complete it by November 31st at 11:59:59. Right now, I am getting ready to reveal possessed-Danny and free-range-Danny and get into the meat of the story. I have the premise of why Danny got tossed out of his body. Since only one other writer sort reads this, I’ll bounce the idea around here and see what happens.

One: this particular book takes place on a world where my other big fantasy series exists. There are a race of beings called the Rahsaya which are to put very simply floating clouds of self-organized magical energy (OK, two other series – one of which I am going to put out soon just to get it out there) and they have the ability to possess something, either people or objects. The great things of lore are objects that are possessed by one of the Rahsaya (either by choice, or by being bound), since when they do that, they can confer great abilities and powers to whatever they possess. For all of their spiffy abilities, they have several weaknesses: when they are out and free-floating, they are more vulnerable to the predations of their own kind – think of how an amoeba consumes something, now imagine you can hear the screams. Once absorbed, the predator has all the abilities and memories of the consumed. The second is clay that they call…something that I can’t remember, but it is proof against the Rahsaya. They can’t use raw power against it – but they can channel their power through it. Think of it like lead, but toxic to the touch. Now, if the Rahsaya are inside something, or someone, they can avoid the worst of the clay. They can touch it, use it and even get into it, but their raw power can’t still affect it. It can be mixed into other things – added to iron, ground into wood and whatever – and they can be used against the Rahsaya and wound them if a weapon. It can also trap one of them inside an object if added. This is why the Rahsaya in the story possesses the main character to avoid the main antagonist: a fairly strong and very, very predatory Rahsaya. The protagonist has a store of the clay far away, but it needs someone to hide in and take it to the clay. That’s the crux of the story. Good? Bad? Every sort of criticism is welcome… I’ll even take the snark.

So, I need to get to the other novel which is coming along better now – Nysa is going to mill about with the chickens and everyone is finally discover that there is something not right about these people to close out the chapter. I hope to finish this one by the end of the week and finish October very strong since I will be doing double duty during November.

Have a good day y’all.



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