The Fifty-Seventh Post: The One Where I Am Being Easily Distracted…

OK – not hitting the ground running like my other posts. I’ve got a bit of a headache and I have also gone on a bit of a trivia bender, I’m afraid. I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Saturday and I finally got around to reading the trivia heading under its IMDB page. Yes, I am a trivia addict – especially movie trivia. When I tell myself that I don’t have a problem and I can quit whenever I want… I don’t believe myself and think I should get help. I then go to another movie and tell myself that quitting is for suckers. Other than that, the world is fine.

The novel continues along in uncharted territory. When I write something in my head, I tend to work on certain scenes and when I start slapping words on the page as it were, most of what I do is really write connecting scenes to the big scenes in my head. Sometimes, they’re just honest connecting scenes: the characters walk down a trail, discussing something that’s happening and revealing a little bit about themselves or the situation. Sometimes the connecting scenes become big scenes on their own and we learn a lot more about the characters than anticipated or even develop the plot in a slightly different direction than anticipated. Like the current scene I am hammering out on the laptop (after I am done here, of course). I think this is what’s called ‘discovery writing’. Once again – my lack of any formal education shines through.

There is quite a bit going on elsewhere. The Tour de France continues on and I am staying updated on the Internet when I get the chance. Lance Armstrong is getting his yearly lawsuit from the governing body of bicycling. Honestly – let the guy go. He’s underdone drug tests galore and cancer for pity’s sake. He won the Tour seven
. Get over it. It’s funny that doping allegations came up also when Eddie Merckx was about to claim the 5 Tour title and break a Frenchman’s record.

All right – aspirin break.

Yeah, this day is turning out to be a bit slower starting than the last few days, but I will carry on in order to at least maintain the momentum I’ve got. I’m up and somewhat dressed, so I should try to make the most of it. If I don’t, then I’ve made the dogs next door bark at me for nothing. If anything, I should do this for the dogs… until I can train them not to bark at me when I sit down in the study.

One more ‘writer’ thing: I don’t know if I am the only one who does this, but when I am working on a character, I try to find on song that would work as a ‘theme song’. It doesn’t have to be instrumental, but if someone were to hear it, they would get a better understanding for that particular character. For Anya’s theme, I will have to thank the History Channel for the one time they showed something historical. For all their promotions for the movie The Hatfields and the McCoys, they used a song from a band called ‘The Silent Comedy’. The song is called “Bartholomew” and I wish I could embed it in this posting. The best I can do if put the lyrics here and tell you to look them up on YouTube.

Oh my God

Please help me

Knee deep in the river

Tryin’ to get clean.


He says “Wash your hands

Get out the stains

But you best believe

Boy there’s hell to pay.”


Yeah you best believe

Boy there’s hell to pay sayin’


Oh, my God

Please help me

Waist deep in the river

Can you hear my plea?


He says “Son, you come

Like a beggar in the streets

You might make it boy

But by the skin of your teeth”


You might make it boy

But by the skin of your teeth sayin’


I rambled with the worst of them,

Fell in love with the harlequin

Saw the darkest hearts of men


And I saw myself starin’ back again

And I saw myself starin’ back again


Oh my God

Please help me

Neck deep in the river

Screamin’ for relief.


He says “It’s mine to give

But it’s yours to choose

You gonna sink or swim

You gonna learn the truth”


No matter what you do you gonna learn the truth sayin’


Ate the bread that once was stone

Fell from a cliff never broke a bone

Bowed down to get the kings over thrown


Now I’m all alone

And the fire’s grown

Now I’m all alone

And the fire’s grown


Sing sweet charity

Take what’s left of me

A new beginning or is this the end

Sing sweet seraphim

Take me back again

Or watch me make the messes of men


Well, that’s it for now. I should actually try to get some work done.

Have a good day, y’all.



Seething with Apathy

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