The Fifty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Plot My Weekend Menu and My Cardiologist Orders a Bigger Boat…

Good morning everyone! As indicated, I’m thinking about dinners for the weekend and I know that the sense of smell is strongly linked to memory. Summer doesn’t officially start for me until I smell three things: a road being re-tarred, sunscreen and cooking hamburgers. Well, I can proudly say two down and one to go as of Saturday – I’m grabbing some hamburger tomorrow night and going to cook up some burgers for dinner, with baked beans and maybe some fries. I don’t need a reason to cook hamburgers, but hey – it’s summer now, in case you haven’t been near a thermometer lately. Yeah, I do odd things – I eat ice cream during the winter and I fry up burgers to declare that summer is official. In case you were wondering, the other scent was fresh paved road. I got that one down a couple of days ago after taking a trip to the local office supplies shop to window shop for pens. Yeah – I window shop at places like Staples. Yes, I’ve actually sent mail to pen manufacturers to let them know I was disappointed in their choice to discontinue a certain pen style… and maybe I might have a slight issue with not being able to walk out of a store without a set of pens. I can quit when I want – and to let you know, I walked out of Office Depot with nothing in my hands (only because they didn’t have the specific pen that I wanted, but that whole quitting when I want? Still possible).

Anyways, I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I had hoped, but with the headache and basically feeling run down, I thought it would be a good idea to take a small break. So I closed up shop early and watched a recording of one of the few Sci-Fi (I refuse to misspell that, in hopes that they will catch on, realize their mistake and go back to the way it was supposed to be pre-wrestling and all) shows that I enjoy: “Destination: Truth”. The reason why I continue to watch this program and give a pass to 99% of its other content (sweaty guys in tights don’t do it for me, might for other friends of mine – but not me. Nope) is because the host and crew have a sense of humor about them. Sure, they’re chasing after stuff that isn’t going to have a major impact on our lives, but there are some times where it’s just neat to watch. Some of their ghost episodes (yes, I watched ‘Ghost Hunters’ for a while, one of my favorite episodes is the first time they went to Waverly Hills. At some point, I got dissatisfied when it devolved into just an hour of ‘did you hear that?’ and ‘ooh, I got chills here’. Maybe a thicker jacket and a better sense of hearing is in order for you guys) are interesting. If you’re wondering: the other shows are Warehouse 13 and Fact or Faked. Yep. That’s a short list for that channel, but then again… as noted, I am not a fan of wrestling and while some of the movies they have fall into the ‘it’s so bad, it’s good’ territory that I can’t tolerate. Well, I will save a deeper rant about Sci-Fi for something in my TV and Movies section of the blog.

Well, now that I am warmed up enough, I am off to work more on the novel. Thanks for being here.



Seething With Apathy

2 thoughts on “The Fifty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Plot My Weekend Menu and My Cardiologist Orders a Bigger Boat…

  1. Oh my goodness YES — what is that wrestling crap doing on the SF channel? Unless they have genetically enhanced contestants created in a lab, bionic, or alien wrestlers, there is no place on that channel for that stuff, in my opinion. I have, however, grown attached to the SF channel series, “Haunted Collector”.

    On the subject of pens, I found disposable fountain pens at the USC bookstore and at Office Depot which I love, but they run dry too quickly.I do have a beautiful crow feather quill that was a gift. I have decided to use it only for any future book signings I may have, as it is difficult to maintain an even ink flow on the page. I guess it takes practice. I do my best writing on lined paper with a #2 pencil (which I later edit as I type).

    • I used to do the whole #2 pencil and notebooks but I lost the notebooks and writing by hand became too slow for me, so I have quickly adopted the typewriter and then the computer. I still handwrite my notes in moleskin books, but when I start the actual drafts, it’s keyboards, pepsi and .mp3 players.

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