The Fifty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Make Sure That a Hockey Mask Is Covered In The Work Dress Code…

Good morning everyone, it’s Friday the Thirteenth and the last unlucky day of the year… well, the last officially unlucky day of the year. I sure there are going to be days where nothing seems to go right, but today has horror as a purpose. So, to celebrate, I am going to go about my daily routine, except that I am going to clutch nervously at a rabbit’s foot. I’m certain the rabbit will be put out by the molestation. Not my problem really. It’s also Cow Appreciation Day (according to the marketing geniuses at Chik-Fil-A), so a pilgrimage is in order. So, if you see a cow, stop and say “I appreciate you” and go celebrate by eating the flesh of a barnyard compatriot. It’s how the pigs want it.

Anyways – I am confident that I will finish this novel before too long (and by too long I mean before I die). If I can keep up this pace I have been setting, the first draft will be complete by the end of next month, in time for my first vacation, and the various re-writes I know I am going to have to do before ‘Borderlands 2 day’. If all goes well, I should be ready for a winter release. So, it’s never too late to start planning for Christmas! J Other than that, there is nothing worth noting going on here. I was let out of work early, so I got home and was able to watch another program I recorded. I am counting down to the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games and getting updates on the Tour de France. For me this is the best sports month so far, it’s a pity I have to work to enjoy it – but hey, the Olympics are starting and I am going to record a majority of it.

This particular entry may be a little lighter than normal because I didn’t get much sleep – maybe four or five hours at best and the caffeine still has as of yet to kick in. Oh, well. Someone did comment on an earlier post I had about Sci-Fi and I agree – what does wrestling have to do with science fiction? Very little unless it’s part of a movie plot. I can understand on a practical level as far as wrestling makes money for the owners of the channel (Universal/NBC), but they’ve gone away from the sci-fi in the most part. Sorry – I did cover all of this yesterday and I still welcome comments, but I am not the official Sci-Fi channel apologist. They can’t pay me enough to do that, but they can certainly make the attempt.

On completely unrelated news: Steam has started their Summer Sale, which means they are going to get some of my hard earned money… but not as much as previous times. I have to set aside money for artists and advertising for my novel, but I am going to buy a couple of games for the PC. Maybe the Civilization Pack and Magic: The Gathering 2013 to mess around with on the weekends.

Well, I should get to work.


Have fun and make sure you avoid the black cats.


Seething Apathy

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