The Sixtieth Post: The One Where I Don’t Like To Brag, I Don’t Like To Boast…

But today, I’ll have toast. It’s the weekend, so I can eat things that I normally can’t eat due to the constraints of time. Toast and jelly is one of those simple pleasures. Today is also Saturday, so I schedule it like this: do the blog for about 30 minutes or 500 words, write the novel for 3 hours and break for a couple of hours to watch a movie (today’s movie: Anonymous) and have lunch, them go back to the novel for another three hours and then call it a day by watching more TV or maybe play a game while I cook dinner. Saturday is going to be a lazy yet productive day for me… if I can pull myself away from Facebook. It is Saturday. So it’s the Bob and Tom Show on the player and more toast for me.

OK – this is going to be a slow day and I don’t mind. Listening to Bob and Tom and they played the intro to a song that I hadn’t heard in years, so I went out and looked it up and bought it. Yeah – completely focused on the blog today. It’s Saturday. Yaaa – Saturday… and either someone dropped a pallet of safes out on the road in front of me, or we’re going to get another thunderstorm. Not really complaining, since my grass is still UPS brown. Hopefully, where you are at, you’re not going through the heat of the summer… or the famous Southern Humidity.

Now that I am gently caffeinated, maybe I can become a little more coherent. Nope. Apparently, even caffeine is taking it easy on Saturday. It’s now noon, and I started this at 10:30 AM – so we’re not the bundle of productive energy I am Monday through Friday. The power has gone out here. Thankfully, I’m writing this on my laptop and the battery is now realizing that to it – it’s Monday morning 8:30 AM. Wow… it’s coming down hard now. If I was standing outside, I couldn’t see any further than fifty yards clearly and I would be very cold because I am only in shorts and a t-shirt. It is Saturday after all. So, I’m going to stay inside and wait for the storm to go over before turning anything back on. Watching this rain coming down reminds me of something – it never rains in the novel. Maybe that should be noted somewhere. Well, let’s ask the question: does the knowledge of the lack of rain propel the story in some direction? Well, the villain of the story is called Everthirst, but there is no reason to bring up the lack of rain right now. Maybe that can be a point for a sequel, if there is any call for it. Sure, I have it planned out in my head, but if no one wants to read it, then I’ll just let it sit in my head. It’s cozy there.

Well, I should go on ahead and try to get a little more productive than I have been now. I hope your weekend is calming.



Seething Apathy

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