The Sixty-First Post: The One Where I Demonstrate Why I Need a Warm-Up Blog…

… because I have no idea what to write. I didn’t get much sleep last night (got two hours, had to get up and use the bathroom, wash, rinse, repeat). So, I’m feeling kinda bleary eyed right now and there is nothing new to report, unless you’re a North Korea watcher. There’s some interesting things going on there… above the starvation, work camps and Vice Magazine dropping by every now and then to say ‘hi’. Apparently, the newly crowned Great Leader has dismissed his military advisor who was originally appointed by Kim Jong Il. The official line is due to ‘illness’: either the military advisor called in and said “I’m feeling sick, I don’t think I’m going to make it in today, boss” or Kim Jong Un called him and said “I’m sick of seeing you. We’re going to pack your desk for you, swing by to pick it up” is unknown. My opinion? When you take over a leadership position, you need to make sure you have people you can trust on your side… especially when you have one of the largest standing armies in the world. More than likely, he was dismissed once Un had made sure he had the loyalty of the armed forces on his side and any holdovers from the old regime would be keeping from making the changes he knows needs to be made to make North Korea a major player in the area. Another hint that things are going to change for the better in the Hermit Kingdom? Fashion. The New Leader was seen applauding a show where the talent was wearing conservative short skirts – something that we here in the decadent West wouldn’t bat an eye over. A lot of analysts are putting this together and saying that there is a new form of ‘glasnost’ coming. Those of my generation will remember what happened after the last time we saw ‘glasnost’. Yes – we were forced to watch a whole bunch of Soviet-U.S. buddy films.

Be prepared for another addition to the Iron Eagle franchise. That’s all I’m saying. I’m no North Korean expert. All the Korean I know is ‘yes’ and ‘hello’. I’ve only read one book about the area and I’ve watched about maybe six or seven documentaries about North Korea itself. I am just comparing the North Korea of today to the Soviet Union of twenty years ago.

So – anything else interesting? No? OK. Well, to let you know that another one of the greatly anticipated Summer Films is coming out this Friday: The Dark Night Rises. I am going to see this on Saturday just because of my schedule, and there is a Writer’s Group Meeting on that day as well, so I’ll be out already. I haven’t been there in a few months, I wonder if anyone is going to recognize me? I’m not going to have anything done for them to read, but I should try to ‘network’ at least.

Well, I’m feeling warmed up enough now.

Off to work.


Seething Apathy

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