The Sixty-Third Post: The One Where I Really Try to Get Myself Together Faster Than Usual, and Blow It Big Time…

I wake up at 8:30 AM and give myself a half hour to eat breakfast (today, more yummy sour cream pudding cake, which to me tastes an awful lot like the vanilla pudding cake) read some web comics and generally try to wake up. Well, it was a little harder than usual to get around to opening up this blog and put in the first entry. I’ll start typing, then I’ll think of something and go right to it rather than putting it aside and working on this blog. I wonder if it’s because I am still trying to adapt to this new work schedule and I am going to be far later than I was originally and getting 6 hours of sleep, or it’s because it’s 8:30 AM and I have had no caffeine since 10:00 PM the previous night. One of these I can solve right away (and will do so after this blog is finished), the other will require more time and effort on another front.

The reason why I’m slightly concerned about is, as I pointed out in my last entry, I am so close to being finished with the novel. In 12 to 18 days I should be finished and close to the 60K word count I imposed on myself. When it takes more effort than usual to get around to something, that means I’m getting fatigued about this and want to move on to something else, which is something I normally do (Isaac Asimov did it and he pumped out a couple of books in his time), but to quit this novel and move on to another thing is bad. Especially when I am this close to finishing the second novel of my fledgling career, I shouldn’t give up now. So, I just need to remember the advice I got from Ms. Tan and just smile and fake it until it’s over, and then have a cookie for my efforts (the cookie wasn’t her idea).

This Friday, The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters and I am going to wait until Saturday to see it. After I’ve seen it, I will come back here and give a full review for everyone. There is only one more summer film I am heavily anticipating (Total Recall), and only because it’s based off of the work of Philip K. Dick – who is an author that I recommend highly for the depth of the concepts he brings up in his work… which Hollywood runs to for their films. He is also a greatly influential author to me with his contemplations on the nature of memory, identity and just how shaky the concept of reality can be at certain points. Go look for him, either in book or on the big screen: Blade Runner, The Adjustment Bureau, A Scanner Darkly, and Minority Report are some that are taken directly from his works, but you can see his influence everywhere.

Well, time for me to get back to it.

Have a good day!


Seething Apathy

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