The Sixty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Jam Out to the Vitamin Series…

OK, I am a metal head. I freely admit that of my own will, and I will testify under oath that I am not a choosy metal head. I like Nu-Metal, Second Wave Of English Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, Death Metal, some Progressive Metal – but I love, love, love the Vitamin Series. What the Vitamin Series is a string quartet and a piano soloist (either or) that takes a band and adapts some of their music for either a string quartet or a piano. Yes, I know – Apocalyptica did that for a while – but the Vitamin Series also venture away from metal and cover different genres. I like listening to instrumental music when I write, and the Vitamin Series hasn’t yet disappointed me. Not really a shout-out, but a recommendation.

Anyways, I am about maybe three scenes away from the end of the book, which has become somewhat different than what I originally different than what I first imagined, but I hope it will be enough of a compelling ending to the story. That’s the one thing I am always not good at is how to end a story, because I can sometimes keep going in my head with what happens next to the characters. I think I’ve got a decent ending for this novel, but in my mind, I see the characters picking up where they left off at the end of the novel and getting into more trouble.

Gah – I’m tired. I think I’ll close up shop here today and retry this in the morning.

Sorry, all.


Seething Apathy

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