The Sixty-Fifth Post: The One I Hope My Mother Doesn’t Read…

Hello, all – I woke up this morning with only one goal in mind: to get out of bed.

I try to keep my motivations really, really simple.

Now that I have accomplished that – I should be able to carry on with my day. It’s the beginning of the weekend for me, and my plans other than writing are fairly simple: TV and movies. I am going to go see The Dark Night Rises and bring back a review.

Wait. I just noticed something. The neighbor’s idiot dogs haven’t barked yet. I don’t see them walking around the fence. I think this day just got better. I’m not a dog hater. It’s just they bark at every little thing that comes near their yard, including me. They can see me when I sit down at my desk and start barking. I know they are used to me because their tails are wagging, so they don’t see me as a threat, just someone to bark at for hours on end. Wow. It’s really quiet. I can hear my music without having to keep jacking up the volume. I think I can really concentrate today!

OK – I am getting a little carried away. I’m sure that there is a good reason why Shemp* and Curly Joe* are not barking their heads off, but it’s odd and I’m hoping they are just inside to avoid the heat of the day. Let me get some caffeine to wake myself up a little more. There. Now, I am still in the home stretch for the novel and I should get it done fairly soon. Yeah – I know I keep talking about it because:

  1. It keeps me motivated to finish it
  2. This is only the second novel I have finished. It’s still a new experience for me.

After the novel is finished and while it’s being edited, I need to find a cover artist (any volunteers?), because while this novel is being written under a pseudonym – I want to put forth a really good first impression, something beyond grey ties and bland efforts. As far as the cover artist goes, I am willing to pay for the art. I will need to save up a lot of cash, I would assume… maybe above $500.00 (hey, that is a lot of money for me – that’s almost a full paycheck), but not too much. I’m still somewhat in the hole for my last effort. Expect several links to appear when I get everything done. Hopefully by then, I will have fixed this copy of Word so that I can put in hyperlinks. So – let me get cracking on the novel and with any luck, I will have it out there by year’s end and working on a second one (I/O Error) to be finished. My goal is to get a novel finished every season and in the wild at least twice a year.

In order to do that, I need to get off of here and into work.

I hope your day is as productive.



Seething Apathy




* more than likely not their real names, but that’s what I call them

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