The Hundred and Twelfth Post: The One Where I Give The Post-Birthday Wrap-Up…

Hello all – I know I haven’t been keeping this blog on a regular basis, so with the vacation I have this week and part of next, I am looking to get back into the habit. So… what’s new you ask? Well, let me start with a couple of birthday pictures:

The funny thing about ice cream cake – it does limit how many candles you can use.

I got a couple of gifts: the two best sci-fi
movies around and a gift card to Starbucks. I also got some birthday love from Amazon: Empowered: vol 7 (get it), Babylon Confidential by Claudia Christian and The Walking Dead, vol. 16 (get this series!). I also got myself a little gift – the Kindle Fire, a wonderful little device to entertain myself. I have that and a Nook Color; the Nook is for writing and the Kindle is strictly entertainment… no, really. Lest you think I just sat around all day and played Borderlands 2 all day (only three hours, thank you very much), I actually did something useful – something that I have needed to do for a long while.



There’s a desk under there? I’m just as shocked as you are.

So – yeah, I did something good on my birthday. Didn’t do any writing, but then again – it was my birthday. Today, it’s going to be back to work with I/O Error and hopefully get it finished before the beginning of the year. Getting the first novel finished and off to an editor has given me a great boost of confidence. With this week and a half off, I should get a lot of headway into the book. I am also looking to start a more public blog for a website to sell my books. Once I have three novels together and out there, I will (hopefully) be able to go out to conventions and sell, or at least get my name out there. I have a good feeling that 2013 will finally be my year. Feelings are all well and good, but this needs to be buttressed by action. Which means I need to get to the grocery store, see if they finally have that good white chili and some chicken to go with the rice I might cook. Yeah – I’m going to be lazy about this. While I don’t mind doing dishes… if I don’t have to do them, then I am not going to do them.

On the TV front – Burn Notice is coming back and I am happy. That show is one of the consistently best ones out there. That and Warehouse 13 are the TV shows I enjoy. I’ve watched the first episode of American Horror Story: Asylum and I am going to give it another two or three episodes. Well, I should hop off to the store and get my stuff together for dinner. I hope everyone has a good day and a better week.



Seething Apathy

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