The One Hundred and Forty-First Post: The One Where I Give You The Over-Under On My New Year’s Resolutions…

… and it’s twenty minutes. Good luck for all of you playing at home.

Now that 2013 has come and 2012 has gone with nary a Zombie Apocalypse to be seen, we can all buckle down and concentrate on what’s important… which I have no idea what that is anymore. The news tells me that we’re going over the financial cliff, but so far no one has run by the house and yelled that the banks are out of money. So, I will remain cautiously optimistic for this year… well, for at least the next hour.

The holiday season is pretty much over (I don’t include Valentine’s Day), I can get back to the blog and back to I/O Error. My goal (not a resolution – resolutions get dropped) is to get the novel finished by the end of March and get back to trying to finish a novel a quarter – which means I am now going to start writing every day at least 2,000 words. So, I’ll have to sandwich in some writing time in between the playoffs – something that Mr. Martin and I might have in common (it certainly isn’t football teams). Good news for me – my team didn’t make it, so it’s probably going to be a little easier to ignore the commentary until the Super Bowl in February (or is it going to be in March? Is it just me, or does it seem to happen later and later every year?). As far as what’s going on in I/O Error, we’ve met the Spooky Sisters and they’ve made their demands. All that I need to do now is show them making good on their threats – which is going to be fun for me. After this is finished, I am going to get onto the next project of Valentina’s Feast – I want to get all the one-shots done before I start working on long term series. Which means it’s going to be Valentina’s Feast followed by Bestial, Zeno’s Calendar and Graphic Love which should take me into next year and hopefully out of here before then.

There is really little else to report here. I had the Horror Movie marathon and out of the three new films, Drag Me to Hell was the scariest and 1408 was the most underwhelming. Population: 436 gets the ‘most wanted to have a twist ending’ award. I think next year is going to be an all J-Horror movie festival. I was kinda disappointed in the movies this year, but I’m sure that there will be better movies coming down the road for next year. As far as movies in the theatre go – I’m going to go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Skyfall Saturday. Did I mention that I finally got a Blu-Ray player? Yep – and got the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so my Easter tradition is going to get a glorious new re-vamping.

Well, I need to get out of here and get back to I/O Error. I hope that everyone has a great New Year’s Day and a prosperous New Year.



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