The One Hundred and Forty-Eighth Post: The One Where I LOVE My New Coffee…

OK – I am now a fan of Death Wish coffee. Well… maybe fan is not the exact word. Maybe… addicted is a better word. I can see why they have a subscription service. I can also see myself clicking on the ‘order now’ button and asking why it’s not materializing on my doorstep. However – I’ll order the five pound bag and see how long that will last me. Maybe a couple of weeks or more… or so I hope. I have my Art Bell (broadcast from December 28th, 2002 – talking about the invasion of Iraq) and I have my coffee. I am content for now.

I am going through the final steps of re-writing the first novel and hope to get a little more done this weekend after the writer’s meeting. Once that’s done, I have a couple of people who are willing to read it (pray for their immortal souls). When I get their feedback, I’ll start to get the cover art together and hopefully, I can get it out there by the end of March along with I/O Error. All in all – I want to have something done by the end of the first quarter. That’s going to be my yardstick – something done every quarter-year and moving forward. After I/O Error I am going to work on Valentina’s Feast to change up things. After that one, I will start to work on Spooksayer and get the tent pole series up and running. This is going to be the year I get off the ground. I may be flapping furiously, but I will not touch the ground for a while – and hopefully not at all.

I watched the movie Dredd Saturday (my reward for re-writing) and I have to say that it’s a good popcorn movie. I wouldn’t go into this movie anticipating any weighty questions about existence or the human condition (unless your question is: ‘how many bullets will it take to obliterate a floor of slum-like apartments?’ The answer: a lot). Karl Urban is the best choice for Dredd – he looks like the comic book character and from what I have read, he is the perfect fit. I hope there will be a sequel at some point. Sure – it was a violent movie, but it was a well put together violent flick. Now I am watching one of my favorite episodes of the new Dr. Who series (the recent series): “The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit”. I love the Lovecraftian references and to be honest – Billie Piper is not all that hard to look at during this period. ;D Art Bell, Dr. Who and Lovecraft – could this little humble shack get any geekier? Only if I wasn’t allergic to cats, then I could claim that this is the geekiest house in Kentucky.

Well – I am off to get more coffee, watch this episode and stay awake. Even now, I can feel the caffeine from my coffee starting to work its way out of my system. Oh, dear. Time for cup number two.



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