The One Hundred and Forty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Finally Get To See Something I’ve Only Heard About…

About a year ago – I heard of a sci-fi show called “Continuum“. I liked the premise (time travel and crime drama are beloved genres) and I scoured iTunes, Amazon Prime and other sources, but came up empty. I figured that at some point it would hit some Internet site, so I could be patient. Now, I don’t have to be patient. Sci-Fi (don’t correct me) has the show in their lineup and I like it. I have finished watching the first episode. Except for the music at the end (a disturbing trend), this is a great series so far. Yes – I have a slight bias for time travel and against Sci-Fi. Thankfully, they are not producing the show – that would be our friends in the Great North. Maybe this will be the time for the channel to turn itself around. Wait – they’re owned by Universal. Well, there is always hope.

Speaking of hope – I am going to get back to finishing the re-writes for the first novel. Last night, I had a headache all day and I just wanted to go to bed. What’s unusual is that I went to bed right when I got home from work… and that today is the release day for the last of the Borderlands DLC (which doesn’t raise the level cap from 50 – boo). So, I went right to bed, had some weird dreams and woke up this morning after ignoring my alarms. Hopefully, there will be no more headaches and I can get back to it after work today. I’m still trying to work on some plots for erotic novels (play for pay, as it were), but so far I have nothing to show for it so far. Maybe today I can get some inspiration… or a nap. It’s still chilly out here, so it’s good hibernation weather as far as I am concerned.

From hibernation to rushing – I gotta shower and get ready for work. Sorry this is so shirt.


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