The One Hundred and Fifty-Third Post: The One Where I Have More Biscuits and Gravy, More Coffee and Less TV A-Comin’…

I’ve been doing some math (yuck) and if I take a hit in the wallet and buy Apple TV ($99.00) and a non-subscription DVR (they exist) for $350.00, I can cut the cable and save myself about $150.00 a month – I’d have to upgrade the IP service to 20 Mb download to handle all the new attention. I checked out iTunes and saw that with the exception of one favorite show, they are all on iTunes to be downloaded. The DVR would be for that one show and various sports events, like the Olympics. I can get a HDMI splitter so I can plug in the DVR, the Apple TV and my Kindle Fire (provided I can find a mini HDMI cord) and after that – get rid of everything. I’m not going to do this until after this season of Game of Thrones. Getting rid of the cable package means getting rid of HBO and that means getting rid of HBO Go unfortunately. Out of everything I am going to lose, I am going to miss HBO Go the most… sure, I hardly used it, but it was nice to know that it was available to me. The $150.00 I would save could go back into my ‘hire-an-artist for I/O Error‘ fund. Also getting all this means that if I quit my job, the only major bill I would have hanging over me is the phone bill… and the mortgage, too – but I can keep going with those for a few months. The responsible thing would be to save up enough money to cover everything for about a year, finish something and get it out there and wait to see what happens. Provided I don’t lose my mind in the meantime. Kids – if you’re going to be strapped to a job, make sure it’s something you can at least tolerate.

I am going to set aside that Hellraiser idea for a while. As I am turning it around in my head, I don’t see where the drama is beyond the guy losing his mind from trying to the Cenobites to take him. It’s a fair-to-middlin’ idea, but it is not really a profitable one. I should concentrate on stuff that should theoretically turn some sort of a profit… which for me would be going back to I/O Error and the first novel. I am going to make myself stay up a little later than usual tonight and work on something. With Scrivener, I can get a lot more organized about what happens when in the chapters where as previously, I have had it all in my head and make it up as I go along. In fact, the way that this is set up, it allows me to see what I am lacking and what I need to do to keep the story moving. One novel I am working on in my head is falling into place, and I see a nice place to bring in a moment of pulling the rug out from under the reader (insert evil cackle).

Well, my coffee grows low and I should replenish. As always, I look forward to hearing from people and I insist that you have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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