Another Issue of the Wildly Unpopular Series “Behind Enemy Lines!”

Hey all. I was worse of a shambles than usual this morning. Actually slept through a documentary I was looking forward to watching. A couple cups of coffee later and I was rushing out the door. I blame the late night I pulled — just gave up and wrote the first half of the first chapter for the serial. I am also raising money to hire someone to be a model for the cover if the first book with deals with Rhonda. I am also trying to figure out I should conclude her tale. If I go the temporary happiness route, then she will end up going back to the realm. If I take the permanent happiness route, then she gets better and uses her circumstances to help herself and others. Some of the other characters have a defined story arc, but Rhonda (I keep typing Rhona, dang it) is the one with a more nebulous story to be told. Now, I am still getting everything to be set to sever the cord come later this year. Thanks to my Blu-Ray player, I was able to get my Amazon account to my TV. I took a quick tour through the Free Movies and I am surprised over the content that they have. A lot better than what I was anticipating. Between that, Apple and maybe VuDu — I should have no problem at all keeping myself entertained. I continue my trip through the fogs of nostalgia with the D&DC set I got. “The Eye of the Beholder”… one of the weaker episodes. Still better than here, but unless that beholder was far more allergic to flowers than I am, Sir John should have been one less arm than he was at the end of the episode. At least, that’s what would have happened if I did it. The first episode was a bit on the eye-rolling side with the “white hair/white hare” gag. I do have to remind myself that it didn’t really hit it’s stride until late in the season. The animation is clunky, but… well…

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