The Two Hundred and Fourteenth Post: The One Where I Talk about Art Bell…

… and it was magnificent! I was turned on to Art Bell when I begin working third shift for an insurance company as a tape librarian (one of the best jobs I had as a temp). I brought in a radio and I was just cruising through the AM dial and I heard someone talk about the JKF conspiracy (conspiracy theories are a bit of a fascination with me). I stopped at that point and I continued to listen to the Art Bell Show whenever I got the chance. When he left the air, I was hurt and slightly confused – like discovering that your best friend had moved away by going to his house and finding it boarded up. I tried George Noory and the whole Coast to Coast thing…but it wasn’t the same. Seriously, he went into topics that I didn’t stomach at all. I had some older episodes recorded, so I’d listen to those when I got the chance – but now he’s back! I was able to use my subscription to use my subscription to Sirius for what it was intended for, but there are some problems I am going to have to try to fix:

  1. Sirius will log me out automatically if there is no activity on the computer. This makes no sense.
  2. My internet connection has been spotty and as a result, I am getting dropped and have to restart the player. I should call the cable company about that.

Other than that – I like what I have! I’m going to try to listen to it on the sly at work and see if I can record it on my main PC.

As far as Tyro goes, I am going to get that tree ripped out of the ground and hopefully move on to some other parts of the novel. I am ready to work now and I guess that I will have to take the low yield days with the high. I am still tinkering in my head as far as the Nanowrimo project goes – I’m going to hammer out an outline this weekend (in between writer’s group and groceries) and get everything lined up for it so I can start running on 11/1 at 12:00:00. I am going to try to keep up Tyro’s novel and the Nanowrimo at the same time and complete the Nanowrimo novel within the time frame (11/31). If I am lucky, I’ll get one done and get it out there by next year. It is a goal to get a novel finished and out there in the wild after the first of the year. I can do this. With one, I just need to finish the editing, get someone to beta read it and get some artwork together. More than likely that’s the one that will hit Amazon, but I would like to see the Nanowrimo novel get out as well. I just have to focus and get through it.

Well, I’m going to listen to the first hour and a half of the show and have some late breakfast. I hope everyone has a good day for a Tuesday.



Seething Apathy

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