The Two Hundred and Forty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Get Back to Work…

Hello, all! I have still a couple of days left on my vacation (everything ends on Wednesday, including optimism), but I wanted to take a week off and completely relax. It was fun. I got some neat stuff for my birthday, including this wonderful thing which I am now using just for writing. Unlike the other two laptops I have, this is possible because I can’t play any games on the Chromebook that are worthwhile – no offense Google…but if I want to play Angry Birds, that’s what I have a cell phone for. I also started NaNoWriMo and if you look to the right, there will be a counter to show how far behind I have gotten. I am going to a write-in today and I hope to get past the bare minimum today. I’m doing the project I was spit-balling earlier, so we’ll see how that goes.

The Tyro novel hasn’t been tended to in a while and that will be taken care of sometime soon. This is a vacation for me, so I took a week off and walked away from everything (except Borderlands 2, to be expected). The first novel is still getting the beta treatment and should be done by the middle of the month, or so I hope. I got in contact with the artist and we agreed on a price ($550 for everything) and I am waiting to hear back for the payment information and to get the covers taken care of. After this, it’s getting the ISBN number and deciding on how many platforms to put it on. After that, I will try to settle down into a double duty sort of thing: working on two projects one in the morning and one in the evening. “Quantity has a quality all its own” and all that.

I did see the movie Gravity. Wow – that is an intense film and I loved it. I am not a fan of 3D, but this is the one film you should see while it’s in the theaters. This is one of the few times where 3D is crucial to the movie experience. You get a real idea of the isolation the main character feels in space, especially in a scene where a tool goes floating off. The peril is a real risk that could happen whenever we go up (if we go up…). Sure, some people are complaining about the physics or some of the dialogue…but unless you’re an astronaut, or a physicist or an astronomer – there is nothing so glaring bad to pull you out of the movie.

Well, I should go get showered and all that. I’ve got a write-in to attend and I live on the other side of town… a side of town that I normally don’t go to, so I’ll have to warm up the GPS and make sure the dogs know where to go. I hope y’all have a good day.



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