The Two Hundred and Forty-Fifth Post: The One Where I Shout ‘Dead Man Walking’ Before Entering a Room…

… because I have to go back to work tomorrow. So today I intend on watching one last guilt-free hockey game, write some more on the Nano novel and Tyro’s novel and try to get back into the work swing of things. It was a good vacation and I only have to wait a couple of weeks before I take my last one of the year on Thanksgiving day week (I don’t know how I got that one either, but hey…). On a bit of a down note: this was cancelled. On a bit of an up note: I got the invoice for the cover art, so I can get that paid and get everything together before the end of the year. My beta reader is working to get the last chapter done. So – perhaps the first book of the New Year? We can only hope.

Speaking of hope: the Nanowrimo novel is coming on a little bit faster now that I’ve gotten over that expositionary stuff and I am getting into the meat of the issue: the possession. This is turning out a little better – I’ve really found a way to show how inhuman the possessor is with a couple of lines of dialogue (of course, taking over someone’s body doesn’t really hurt either). Now we just have to introduce the wraiths and get some of the ground rules down. Once that’s done, we can get going with the main story and get poor Danny introduced to Rhonda and get after Black Bart (yes, these are all placeholder names…the first order of business once the main work is done is to get all those names changed.). I am fairly confident that I can get this novel finished in November, so far it’s 8K words and I’m in the beginning of chapter two.

The Tyro novel is taking a bit of a back seat – doing double duty with both novels, but right now I am going to focus more on the Nano novel. Tomorrow, I go into the regular work set: Tyro in the morning, Nano when I get off work. Tyro’s novel needs at least 1500 a day, Nano needs 2K. Normally when I get off of work, all I want to do is shoot stuff and go to sleep, but if I want to get productive, then I’ve got a set aside some time in the evening to work. Those midgets are going to have to wait until Saturday evening to get their head shots, I’m afraid. I just have to tell myself that this is a first draft for either project: it is supposed to be horrible. That’s what the revisions are for.

Well – Thor: The Dark World opens this Friday. Thankfully, I get paid, so I am going to see that Saturday and I will give a review of it when I get back. Oh – I am going to write another installment of “I Would Have Done That Differently” for two series: Sleepy Hollow and Dracula. In one, I intend on pointing out that they there is enough history for everyone to use without getting really weird and in the other I rail against sexy vampires… again.

I need to get to Nanowrimo – so I hope you all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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