The Two Hundred and Forty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Slipped a Day and Don’t Feel The Slightest Bit of Guilt Over It…

Hello, everyone! Today I sit down in front of my PC and admit that I have failed the letter of Nanowrimo, but certainly not the spirit. Yes, I took a Sunday off to go see Thor: The Dark World and it was worth it (stick around after the end credits). I did have my doubts at first, but they were allayed as the movie unfolded. This is definitely a must see in the theatres. After that, I had a nice dinner of chicken and dumplings and came home to some football. Nary a word written in inspiration and nary a twinge of guilt in the process; but I can’t see how authors like Stephen King have such a monstrous output and write every day without having some sort of burn-out. Don’t get me wrong. I loves me some writing, and some people say that I’m good at it – but even I need to take a break every now and then.

Speaking of the novel, I am getting ready to run Danny into Rhonda and get the main plot finally going along. I think that since I have a set word limit, I am trying to hit all the major points on the plot line, which is frankly what I should be doing anyways for the first go-round since it’s easier to add than it is to take out…or that’s how it is for me when I write the first draft. When I go for the first set of edits, I’ll start cutting things down and try to get close to the final word count. Speaking of final word counts and all of that, I also need to get to the first novel and get that edited down. I think that should be a weekend thing, since I want to have time to do it without feeling any more pressure than what I’ve already put on myself now. So, for the weekday, it’s the Nanonovel and then Tyro’s novel if I have the time, on Saturday it’s the re-writes for the first novel and the Nanonovel. Yeah – Tyro’s novel is getting the short end of the stick this time, but since I am so far ahead as compared to what I am bringing to the writer’s group, I can slack off a little bit. Besides, I just want to be able to finish the Nanonovel on time for once. I’ve also been trying to figure out what to do once the Nanonovel is done, and I think I am going to get back to I/O Error just to write some horror. Get back to what I hope I can really shine in: horror fiction.

Week after next, I get another long vacation: 6 days off and after that, I think I get another long weekend. I am going to use them for writing and trying to get some more stuff down on paper (or Scrivener) for the New Year. Is it just me or has this year seemed to fly by?

Well, I need to get to Nanowrimo and regain the lost ground. Hope y’all have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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