Behind The Enemy Lines: Digging My Way to Freedom With A Spork

Hello, all. I am doing this a little late since I’m trying to catch up with missing writing the Nano-novel Sunday. I think I’m back on track to finish on the end of the month (whether or not I’ll be done with the story is another thing). The One thing I am trying to remember as far as writing this is something that one would think I’d have down by new: it’s the first draft. It’s going to suck by design.

Some of you are probably telling at your screen now, reminding me that I’ll need to write many, many drafts before the final novel is done and that I need to be patient so that the final product – what everyone is going to see – will be the perfect draft. No one cares how the hot dog is made, they only care how it tastes in the end. I’m obsessed with everything being right as soon as the words hit the screen. Granted this is good when I’m editing it for the first time, or plotting everything out in my head. When I’m writing the first manuscript? I need to allow myself the luxury of being sloppy. No one is going to see the rough draft outside my writer’s group or maybe a close circle of writer friends (applications pending), so I can be a little bad. I need to maybe have that cross-stitched and hanging on the wall next to my favorite Stephen King quote.

Sorry If I seem like I’m rambling, but trying to catch up has me a little exhausted today. Saturday it’s going to be a default long day for me: writer’s group followed by the NaNoWrimo write-in. Thankfully, it’s being held at a local coffee house. Sure, I’ll end up buying enough coffee to float a luxury liner and the drive home will be interesting if I get caught in a traffic jam at the wrong time (“Officer, you should know better than most people that you only rent coffee. Well, I rented a lot of coffee. Besides, it’s not like as anyone goes swimming in that river…”).

Well, the Tyro-novel is languishing where it is. My only goal now is to get the Nano-novel finished and out to rest before the first round of edits. With any luck it’s going to be shortly before the end of November and I can get back to Tyro’s novel and start outlining the horror novel. I need to start to establish some sort of ordered routine. Maybe I’ll get to that in December.  Maybe I’ll get a nap in first.

Mmmm… naps.

I hope you all have a good day and thanks for your reading patience.

Seething Apathy

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