The Seventy-Fourth Post: The One Where I am Reminded Why I Need to Finish This Novel…

First day back at work… and I have got to get this novel finished soon. There is no other way about it. If it’s not the people I have to talk to on the phone, it’s the people I have to talk to at work. They want us to give people confirmation numbers, but not enough time to finish the notes so we can give them confirmation numbers. To say that I work in a madhouse would be an insult to people who actually work in madhouses. I would quit, but I need to have money to pay for things… expensive things (like not getting the NFL Channel anymore) and I am not ready to part ways with my phone yet. So, I will grin and bear it, but the second I get books out there and hit the magical amount where I can quit for one year and live off of the royalties, I am gone.

OK – enough of the venting. The poisoning scene is wrapping up, so next is the ‘advice from Poppa’ scene, to be followed by the final showdown and Anya’s decision. Moe than likely, this scene is going to have a lot of re-writing ahead of it so I can get it just right. The ‘advice from Poppa’ and ‘the Scholars’ scenes are the two big scenes in the last third of the novel. I want to have them right before they go off to the editor. I am happy that this book is coming to an end and I will hopefully get to I/O Error and maintain that level of enthusiasm I have for it that I have for the current project. All I have to remember is that tone before I take the call at work. See? Inspiration is at hand.

I finally got to see some weightlifting (women’s – most of the events I’ve seen are women’s event. Are there any guys there?) and I have to hand it to the Thai weightlifters – they do not quit. Yes – it was too much. Yes – she wasn’t even a medal contender at that point, but she stuck it out and made the most of her appearances, even when she dropped the weight; she smiled and bowed. I must admit, I was crestfallen when I saw that. All I wanted to do was walk up to her and give her a hug. Sure, security would have dropped me or she could have handily thrown me into the crowd like a bag of garbage – it’s the thought that counts. I still have a couple of days left to watch, and I will more than likely glut myself from Friday night when I get home to Saturday night (that’s right, no sleep for 24 hours – it’s college all over again!). I will write during that time, but more than likely I’ll end up taking some naps during the events I am not too crazy about.

Well, I should head off to the novel. Hope everyone has a good day.


Seething Apathy

The Seventy-Third Post: The One Where I Will Actually Go To Work Today…

OK – I am now feeling well enough to go into work… which means I am going to have to come up with one more excuse and use up all my sick days. Any suggestions? No? Fine.

The Olympic coverage from NBC is not the best I’ve seen. The few sports I follow (or try to follow) are shown at the worst times and the ones I am blasé about are really the only things that are covered. I haven’t availed myself to the online coverage since I am not at work – but I will when I get the chance. When the Winter Games come, I will hopefully be working from home so I can drop everything and follow the game full time. I know I’ve said this before, but I really
love the Games. I’ve even stopped following my Twitter feed in the event of getting a spoiler from someone lucky enough to enjoy more coverage than me. For me, the world grinds to a halt every two years and I love it.

I am however, going to split my attention between weightlifting and the novel. Thank God for laptops. I have finally gotten everything set up in my head as far as Anya’s particular issues. I just need to get down on paper as it were. I am still aiming for a Christmas debut and will work to get I/O Error for a later October release and drop another volume of 4 Bits and a Dollar in between. I have three ideas in mind; I just need one more to complete it and try to get that finished so some more pocket change (I’m not kidding on this one, so far I’ve only made $7.00 with it). This one is going to be better than the last one, now that I know how to make a real table of contents. Might even try to design my own cover, but I will actually follow through with actually making it. I am really trying to make an effort to get through the novel, but there is only so much I can do in a day… until I do this full time. That’s my goal – write full time.

I am going to get a Nook Color this week for one major reason: it has a word processing app that can work with MS. While, yes, this Color is going to be nothing more than an entertainment suite for me (might even indulge in HuluPlus for the heck of it), I will have 30 minutes at work to read and maybe sketch out some ideas. I might also get a Kindle Fire for the magazine subscriptions and make it closer to an e-reader than the Color. I might have some pictures when all is said and done. For now, it’s going to be back to work while waiting for the weightlifting competition – I did get to see the women’s weightlifting – did you see the woman from Thailand in the 56 Kg event? Such a little thing picking up… well… half of me in the clean and jerk event. She dropped the weight and looked so crestfallen about it, I wanted to walk up to her and give her a hug and a pat on the back to tell her to try again.

Well, I’m off to try to salvage this day. Good luck to you.


Seething Apathy

The Seventy-Second Post: The One Where I Realize That I’m Not Going To Be Very Productive Today…

The Olympics have started and I am trying to catch all my favorite sports – which is going to be difficult. Thankfully I have several placed where I can go and watch them online. Right now, I am watching the women’s 10 meter air rifle finals with China winning the gold. I missed the women’s basketball against France, but I am going to see the next men’s basketball game – I am looking forward to that and the weightlifting competition. I don’t watch a lot of events, but the one I do watch, I will follow almost rabidly. When the Winter Games come, I am definitely going to take that time off and indulge myself in coverage. Hopefully by then, I’ll be writing full time and can just get up from the bed and go to the TV. I tend to like the Winter Games a bit more than the Summer Games, but hey – it’s the Olympics (even if there are some games that have been dropped).

However, I am going to endeavor to put in my work on the novel today – finishing up the poisoning scene and moving on to the advice scene, which will put me within spitting distance of finishing this thing. After this, I will be going through the rewrites, which I am going to go through here, if only to make sure I remember what I need to do when I get to that point:

  1. Give Rhona dialogue. Not as hard as one would think.
  2. Give Anya some non-stabbing, non-raging scenes.
  3. Don’t know if I want to give Everthirst some scenes.    

I know I’m dragging on this and the story, but the Olympics are playing on the TV. I might wrap this up and enjoy the women’s handball (Spain vs. South Korea). Hopefully, I can watch some weightlifting tonight as well.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Seething Apathy

The Seventy-First Post: The One Where I Take My Victories When I Can…

Well, I went to the doctor’s today. Blood pressure is 130/80 (a little high… but not life threatening) and my weight is 284 lbs. – hey, I’ll take it. Ends up that the coughing and the phlegm is a symptom of bronchodialation – it’s my old friend asthma deciding to come back after a several year absence. Didn’t write, didn’t send me post cards, and didn’t call me to say that it missed me. Oh, well – at least it’s treatable and it is something that I am used to…. *sigh*. But – hey! 284 lbs.!

The novel continues on – but this last finished chapter doesn’t really have the feeling of the other chapters. If I have to cut words, this might be the first thing on the chopping block, but I’m concerned that Anya is taking over the narrative. While, yes – the story is about how Rhona manages to deal with Everthirst, but I am concerned that Anya is stealing the spotlight. Before you say ‘why not make Anya the main character?‘ – I have thought of it and I’m not keen on it. Yes, it would make other novels that take place in that world a little easier (several projects that could involve her come to mind), but I want her around for a while. I don’t know – but that’s what rewrites are for, right? Make the rough draft with a sledge hammer and chisel away with the re-writes… or I hope that’s how it goes. Well – I know that this is going to be a good novel once I get it finished. Stop laughing. It’s going to get done.

Anyways – there is a YouTube video of Halo 4 game play. Holy cow – why isn’t this out yet? I love the Halo series and I can’t wait to see what direction they are taking the story in now. I haven’t read any of the books (I might try one, since you can get a little bit more out of the game if you know that backstory), but I might pick one up now just to see if it’s as good as some people say that it is. Boy, I am still feeling a little tired – time for a drink. One of the things they suggest to lower your blood pressure is to take in less caffeine. Those that know me well know that there is a better chance to hit three Powerball lotteries in a row than me giving up caffeine anytime soon. So – it’s not high, but I know there are those that would suggest I change now and head it off at the pass. Maybe tomorrow.

Well, after I put down some words, I am going to watch the movie “The Skin I Live In” – I have to admit that I have a weakness for foreign horror films – ever since I went to Wild and Wooly’s for the first time and saw “The God Of Gamblers” (not a horror film, but a darn good film regardless). I am also one of those weird people who enjoy movies that aren’t re-dubbed in English. Things like that take me right out of the film. Best foreign horror films come from the Japanese. I like a couple of French horror films, but they tend to have the 80’s horror mentality – gore is good and a lot of gore couched in between heavy philosophical concepts. The gore works fine for me. Yeah – I’m a bit of a gorehound.

I need to get to work. I hope everyone has a good day.


Seething Apathy

The Seventieth Post: The One Where I Try Not to Cough On The Keyboard…

Good morning, all. I am sick – in a physical “wasn’t that supposed to be attached to me?” way (mental illnesses aside). Now, here is a rare glimpse into my family history: if you were sick, the only way you could get out of work/school/living was to be to the point where you were ejecting fluid that was:

  1. Not meant to come out of any orifice
  2. Not meant to come out of a particular orifice that fast or that far

So, it meant if I had the sniffled, I was told to suck it up (metaphorically and otherwise), take a pill and soldier on. Granted, that’s good advice for life in general – but it also set up something in me that I am particularly fond of: I rarely call in sick and feel guilty if I do. The last time I called in sick was maybe two months ago. The time before that? Early last year. I tend to use only one to two sick days a year – other times I’m ill, I just soldier through. Not because I am some sort of unstoppable tech support machine, but because I was raised to do that.
I understand that I have sick days, and the company is more than happy to let me use them – in fact, they have a ‘use them or lose them’ policy. One thing I will say about my last employer, they had a better policy concerning that: whatever you didn’t use, you got cashed out at the end of the year. Since I usually only took one week off a year, I had a nice bonus coming towards me around the last week of work. Not anymore.

My current position is a reason why I want to write for a living. If I get sick, I can take a couple of days off and let the sickness ooze out of me, or if I need to keep writing as a way of therapy – I can do that. It’s my choice. Right now, the only reason why I am not following my normal routine of blogging, writing and then trundling off to work is because I feel like poo now, and it’s only going to go downhill from here. The fact that Opening Ceremonies are Friday has absolutely nothing to do with it. Seriously. I got my PC at work to live stream the games and my DVR all ready to record what I don’t watch. Anyone who thinks I am slacking off just because of that is sadly mistaken.

Yesterday, I did slack off on my writing however, and I can’t blame illness on that. However, I am going to try to make the best of today and not only hit my 1,100 mark for today, but cram in another 600 to complete that goal for yesterday. Realistically, I can hit that easily before I have to call in (the benefits of having a late night shift, I don’t have to call anyone until the afternoon) and if I write anything after that is just gravy. I had a change of heart for one scene and I want to get that down and finish the poisoner’s feast before too long, which is going to lead to the climax of the book and the last short chapter to the end. Look for it to come in at about 65,000 words when all told and I am aiming for a Christmas release, if not sooner.

Well, I am off to get some juice and tissues. I hope you’re feeling better than I am right now.


Seething Apathy

The Sixty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Tell You To Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter Right Now…

Really… that whole ‘people think about sex every seven seconds’ was meant to be a bit of trivia, not a goal. J

The Opening Ceremonies are Friday night and I can watch them on my computer at work! Finally, I can watch something decent! Sound is going to be an issue because I will have to plug in headphones, but I am also going to record it here at home – I want watch it here, then come home and watch it with sound actively turned on. The sports themselves I don’t really need sound. I just need to set up recording times and bask in the warmth that is the Olympics. When I erased Battlestar: Galactica (with the understanding I would buy the series on DVD) my recorded space went from 60% to 40%. I knew that digital channels took up more space than analog, but wow – I didn’t think a whole series would take up 20% of the DVR’s memory. Lesson to be learned: analog is still king.

My novel lurches towards its ending. I have written one of the major scenes and I am now concentrating on the aftermath… which gave me a good idea for another series in that same world as it were, or that world in the future. I am sticking with my task however of getting this novel finished so I can move on to the next one. Thank God I have that commonbook – otherwise I would go mad with trying to remember everything. Of course, I still have the issue of writing things down when I have the time. This is why I am thankful for my work’s rather liberal policies about restroom usage – if I had to actually relieve myself as often as I make myself out to do… I should see a doctor.

Today is Wednesday. Halfway through the week, I keep telling myself. Today is going to top out (as far as temperatures go) at 104 degrees. Yikes! Did I also forget to mention that my car has no A/C? I know I should get it fixed, but it’s going to be about $200.00 dollars and I need that money to go towards an artist for the book. Maybe I will get the A/C fixed with the first set of royalties (after the celebratory dinner of course). Thankfully, the tires have been replaced (grumble) and I am not due for another oil change until I get paid again (further grumble). I’m starting to see the value of horses – and being as someone who had to muck their stables, that should be an indication of how much this car is killing me.

Well, that’s about it for now – there will be other things to comment on eventually, but I have to get Anya back to the pub to cure everyone eventually – the plot marches on as it were. Stay cool and have a mice day.



Seething Apathy

The Sixty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Dreamed a Dream So Real… and Forgot It. Never Mind…

I have this thing –when I dream, I try to analyze that dream either while I’m dreaming, or in the next dream I’m trying to analyze the previous dream. The last time something like this happened, it was in the very next dream where I am discussing the previous dream with a small beagle, who is asking me questions about what I felt the dream was about. All in all – it was an interesting peek into my inner workings, but I’m concerned about the beagle’s license to practice psychiatry here as opposed to Maymont Park. I should try to perform some lucid dreaming techniques when I get home at night.

I have three major scenes to finish in the novel: the apothecary, the advice, the duel – with a smaller scene to wrap everything up at the end. I’ve been doing a thousand words (or a little over) a day. Yesterday, I had to tear myself away from the computer to get ready for work – it was great! I love moments like that, when I’m in the zone as it were and everything just flows from my fingertips. It’s like catching fire in a jar, except that warm feeling is from a sense of accomplishment and not my skin burning off through the glass. You’ve probably had moments like that, dear reader. Aren’t they great?

Anyways – other than that, there is surprisingly little going on here of note. I found a gym near where I live where there is a pool where I can swim. I have to admit, I’ve been in a bit of a physical funk for two days. My legs hurt a little and it’s why I tend to just go home directly after work. Maybe I can say ‘fie to you, rat-kin’ and swim a couple of laps during the weekend. It’s not like I have to pick up hewn logs to build muscles anymore.

Oh! Speaking of lifting heavy objects! The Opening Ceremonies are this Friday! I am going to have to clear a lot of space off on my DVR – so I will have to sweep away Battlestar: Galactica to make room since I’ve seen that and I am going to buy the full DVD collection (I was going to buy it, anyways…). While I’m not going to get every hour of coverage (I wish I could) and when the Winter Olympics roll around, I should take those two weeks off. Oh – and the last little bit of Olympics until tomorrow, I swear – Wiggins is on track to be the first person to take the yellow jersey in the Tour de France and earn a gold medal in the games! He’s the first English Tour de France winner, so there’s a bit of pressure on him, but that’s what makes the games great – to see the end result of sacrifice, sweat and tears.

Man, I can’t wait.

Well, off to complete another chapter.

Have a good day.


Seething Apathy