The Seventy-Fifth Post: The One I Write While I Am Barely Awake…

Hello, all – I am getting a late start to today for several reasons, but the chief among them is that I am tired and it’s only Wednesday (check local listing for actual date and time). There is little going on anywhere as far as the novel, my life or even movies (TDKR Sunday!). I’m just really, really tired today. I am going to get some work done on the novel, but as far as blogging goes – in between political fights on reddit (to quote Tom Araya: “Just me and my world of enemies”) and trying not to throttle people through the phone at work – there isn’t much to say. So, I turn it over to you: the fan(s). What would you like to read me expound on? Favorite movies? Movies that I would have done differently? Movies that I want to know why they were made (other than for money and to keep lazy actors off the streets)? There will be a caveat to this: I will not discuss political views. The reason being is when I started this blog, I didn’t want to have it devolve into a flame war. I have enough of those on other places, thank you.

As far as the novel goes (another reason for this blog has become me accounting my progress to the web and keeping me motivated and honest), the poisoning scene is going to wrap up and from there we get to meet Anya’s Poppa – not the person you would think would have that title. This, and the final scene (no spoilers) are the two scenes that I am really going to work on to get right, especially since everything that has happened has led up to that point in the book. I want it to be a powerful piece, so I am going to more than likely going to dither over it for a couple of days beyond finishing it.

Some other interesting news: someone admitted that they were going to buy my first book – and no, he was not under duress when he said that. This doesn’t bring me to the great $10.00 threshold, but it brings me closer to the point where I would buy it to get it over that point. When I do, I promised myself that I would buy myself a meal… of course, when I said that, I was thinking more along the lines of a nice steak – but a sub will do. I’ll be sure to capture the moment with a video.

Oh – there will be an announcement at the end of the month concerning this blog. It’s good news. I swear.

Well, I am going to try to wake up again and get cracking on that novel.


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