The Eighty-Fifth Post: The One I Write While Waiting For The Paycheck to Come In…

While I like getting my paycheck automatically deposited into my account, I don’t like that it’s not a consistent affair as far as time goes. Sometimes, it comes in during the pre-dawn hours and I get to wake up with it. Other times, I check my bank statement online like I have OCD (these times are usually predicated by my gas tank hovering a micrometer above ‘E’) to know when I can head out and get my errands run before the work day begins for me. Today, I have to get a new cyan cartridge for my printer as well as get gas for the beast and I might get myself a Barnes and Noble gift card for the Nook. Also the bills need to be paid and I have yet to terrorize my favorite restaurant. Ahh… payday Thursday – it’s like Friday, but you have money to spend (at least after the bills are paid – I’m looking at you cable company).

I’m still working on the ice cream scenes on my Color. Tomorrow evening, I am going to work on a short first person piece for the writing group from an idea I had called “Image: Maker”. I’ve never written that much in first-person, and I have been asked to stretch myself in the group (well, it was a request made for the group, but I am taking it seriously). Oh – I’ve also found some really neat software for writing! Well, two websites and software: here, here and here. I’ve tried them and they’re basic as far as editing goes: adverbs, repeated phrases, grammar – still no substitute for a flesh-and-blood editor (like mine), but for someone just starting out this is an invaluable resource.

Well, the summer is winding down here. It just seems like only yesterday I was complaining about the heat and nudging the AC closer to zero centigrade. Now, the temperature are on the warmer side of pleasant and the dogs are going crazy over the kids walking to school – unlike them going crazy because the kids are heading to a friend’s house, or just going crazy. Of course, the end of summer means my birthday is creeping closer. It also means I am going to have a short vacation coming up, followed by a nice long one. For both of these vacations, I intend on not being completely sober for several of those days. Which also reminds me: I need to preorder this game, since my long vacation is going to fall on the release date. Between that and Borderlands 2 – the last quarter of the year, I don’t think I am going to be very productive. Which means I should get to work now, or close to now – I do have to go to Penn Station and make sure they haven’t forgotten their fear of me (just kidding – I love that place).

Since I have to go, I will wish all of you a good Thursday and hope your weeks are good.


Seething Apathy