The Ninety-Fifth Post: The Last Time I Am Going to Be Able To Write This Late For At Least A Month And A Half…

This is the high point of my vacation. Tomorrow will start with the sobbing, the panic attacks and the uncontrollable urge to ask for something called my ‘go bag’. On the upside, I will have the novel finished tomorrow. Seriously. I was having some problems today with getting the characters to the next scene, so I walked away from it and picked up my Nook and started reading. That’s one of my go-to activities. The others involve games and screaming at whatever computer I’m in front of at the time. Well, once I got settled in and started reading it hit me what I needed to do to get to the next scene – nothing. Just have the characters continue on the road to get to the building where the next plot point resides, waiting to be used. I think I should save any battles for the times where they matter: the big spar with the Teacher and the final fight with Everthirst. Any sort of side battles – even if they are harmless – do nothing more to advance the plot. We know about Anya’s background as a fencer, and we know she lives a dangerous life… heck, she was almost killed by poison. It would be a good idea to have some peace and focus on the other dynamic of the group: Anya and Rhona.

Well, today is an important day in my personal history. I can safely say that if this day didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be the person you know today. Whether that is for good or for ill remains to be seen — handsaws, hawks and winds notwithstanding. I will not say anything more about it, as I have said enough in previous entries. Maybe one day I will spell everything out, but not right now.

So, my vacation is winding down. I’ll go back for Thursday and Friday and then have the weekend off. I resume my normal schedule on Monday (Labor Day here in the US with a 10:00 – 6:30 shift) and keep going until September 17th when I get it and the 18th off (Borderlands 2!) and after that it’s a month and a half until my next big vacation for my birthday week and Halo 4 release. After that, it’s another long weekend in December and after that I am done for the year. With any luck, I will be able to give people a better idea as to when the novel will hit the shelves, but right now it’s looking like closer to the end of the year with good fortune on my side. If not, then let my year of triumph begin in the auspicious date of Two Thousand and Thirteen. After all, if the Mayans said we were going to perish in 2012 and if we don’t go up in a bog ball of flame and winged snakes – how much worse could 2013 be?


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