The Eighty-Eighth Blog: The One I’m Writing While Counting Down To My Vacation…

I am getting three days off next Monday. I can’t be any happier. My vacations break down like this: 3 days off next week, then Sept. 17th and 18th (to celebrate the release of Borderlands 2), after that I’m off for October 15th and 16th (for what would have been Bioshock: Infinite) then another work week and then my birthday week / Halo 4 release for a week and a half and that’s it. I’ll still have a day off for illness, but I’ll try to use it before the end of December. I will be productive during these vacations, working on with this novel or the next (hopefully the next one by October’s vacation) with an eye on starting the New Year with a finished work under my belt. This coming the year will be the year I gain traction on this whole writing thing.

Speaking of the writing thing: I am going to work to finish everything off before my vacation this month. Since I have to go nowhere this weekend, I should be able to finish the rough draft and start the fill-in work (there is are a couple of scenes that need to be written and inserted) and I want to have the editor look at the work and see whether or not I should keep the ‘spoken dialog’ that the main character signs. I’m not sure if I should keep it – the other character does understand it, but I am trying to stay away from various sign language tropes. So – I will let the editor make the call. All I need to do is finish the thing. Which I will do this week – seriously, just need to settle down and get stuff from my Nook Color over to one of the laptops and link everything together.

Did I mention that I am anxious to get my vacation started? Yes, I am ready to go. Gonna back my car into the parking spot Friday afternoon and tear out at Midnight to have five days of fun and relaxation. I might even try to catch a movie (maybe on On Demand). I might even try to finish a couple of Olympic Games I have recorded – yeah, I am going to be watching a lot of Olympics for a while, I still have a 16 hour chunk to go through and that’s going to be broken up Saturday and Sunday to make room for the upcoming football season. The season that I might also listen to on the NFL audio so that I can finally monitor the whole season of my favorite team for a change rather than blindly hope to find a broadcast channel. Which is so frustrating for me – since I follow a team that gets hardly any TV coverage, even if they play a more popular team. I can’t win to lose.

Oh, well. At least I have the Olympics.


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