The Ninety-Fourth Post: The One I Write Late In The Evening, But Hey! It’s My Vacation!

Well, it’s the first day of my vacation and I am rocking out to this. I’ve finished one chapter and have begun another. I think I have two to three more short chapters to do and then I will be done with the main draft and I will start some of the re-writes (there are a couple of scenes I left out on purpose because I had no idea what to do) and send it off to the editor to be poured over, flogged and purified by fire and word processor. When all is said and done, I am looking forward to have it ready for publication by Christmas. This one is going to get as much publicity as I can muster. Websites, word of mouth and good old fashioned guilting will be my strategy to success. Of course, I am going to buy copes to distribute to friends and see how that works. With any luck, I can get this out there and start drawing some real money for my troubles. The goal is $30,000 – enough for me to live well for a year. When I hit that amount, I quit whatever it is I am doing and write full time. With luck, I can keep putting in more than I take out and just keep going with this little enterprise. That’ll twist some gossamer.

I’ve finished one chapter and I am working on another one right now. We’re seeing the city of Rald – think of it as if 15th Century London were scooped up and put in the middle of the Rockies with pleasant weather. That’s Rald, where one of the main characters spent much of her time there. A city of friendly peril and commonplace intrigue tucked away against the brittle blue of the autumn sky. Rald! I am going to get this finished by Wednesday evening. Today, I wrote and puttered around a little. Tuesday will be more puttering and more writing. Wednesday is going to be the mad dash for the finish line, but I will get finished. I have every intention to pick up I/O
Error next week… right after I watch the season premiere of Doctor Who. Thankfully, I got my DVR to record it, so I am not going to miss anything.

There is very little to report in my private life that isn’t writing, TV or writing. Tomorrow is going to be an anniversary of sorts, but I’m not going to get into that right now. Today is for celebrating, which I did with some Hard Mike’s Pink Lemonade (very tasty, but didn’t get me very buzzed like Strong 68) and eating a lot of spaghetti. I know, I know – I’m a hedonist living out on the edge, but granted that today I ate when I wanted and drank when I wanted rather than shovel everything down in 30 minutes or less – it’s one of the reason why I am focusing on my writing. I want to live and work for me, not someone else.

Well – enough of that. Have a good day, hope tomorrow can be better and I’ll see you all later.


Seething Apathy