The One Hundred and Fiftieth Post: The One Where I Give You a Warning About My Endorsement…

Remember when I was telling you about the glories of Death Wish Coffee? Yeah… that was a bad idea. You see – while Death Wish Coffee was very, very tasty, but it gives you nasty, nasty headaches. I don’t mean ‘I feel a twinge in the back of my head‘ sort of headache. I mean the ‘I’ll get relief when I saw my own head off‘ kind of headaches. I rarely if ever get this sort of headache. The last one of those I got was at least five years ago. With this set, I spent Monday and Tuesday with a constant headache, so I decided to do a little experiment. No coffee for the past few days. Consequently, I had no headaches. Therefore – I can still recommend it, but understand that if you don’t have the tolerance, you’re going to be miserable. Caveat Emptor, y’all.

With my head being what it is, I’ve slacked a little bit on my projects – but I am trying to move forward on something. I’ve gotten another blank book and I am putting in all my notes for one of my big tent pole series (Unchained, Unbound, Unfettered) as a safeguard against amnesia and/or death (not that I have intentions of death right now, but then again, I have no idea as to Death’s intentions for me). Not to sound morbid even for a Monday, but I want to make sure everything is covered. As far as I/O Error goes – the ending is becoming problematic. I am a hybrid writer, so I have my major scenes planned out and a major outline – the minor stuff comes to me as I write, but I don’t have a good ending and I am getting to the half-way point. Normally, I get to this point and I’ve got the ending already to be slapped down. With this one – the ending I have in my head is more of a “Hollywood ending”. It looks good, but I don’t think it would really translate into prose. So, I am trying another ending in my head while I work on the notes for the tent pole series. I have to admit – my one big weakness is endings.

I’m trying some regular coffee now, so I will keep everyone interested up to date on whether or not my head explodes. Cup number two before I hit the showers… because I know what my fans like. Oh – I am also going to go see the movie Mama this Saturday and I will give everyone a review. I am a fan of del Toro – loved the ‘Hellboy’ movies and I would have loved to see what he would have done with The Hobbit. I’m even going to risk seeing Pacific Rim, even though most mech films end up being a bit of a disappointment for me. I guess playing Battletech and Mech Warrior has spoiled me for that sort of thing.

Well, I must be off. Hope everyone has a good day.



Seething Apathy

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