The Two Hundred and Third Post: The One Where I Play Odd Music and You Question My Tastes…

I discovered this guy while tooling about the Internet. Yeah, I have a small weakness for nerdcore and other affiliated musical styles – everything can’t be just thrash and soundtracks. This weekend was pleasant; I got to watch American Mary in hopes of restarting the Friday Night Movie tradition. I will review it in the last part of this blog if you’re interested. I also watched a baseball game (Nattitude!) and did some laundry… a normal weekend.

The escape chapter has been started and there is an interesting development – one that I didn’t come up with in the outline – happening in the first part of the chapter. I am looking forward to working this out in my head. This is going to make Aevar a lot more dangerous in the long term… hey; I think I have the antagonist for the third book. Now I just need a plot to go along with it and I’ll be OK. I like the initial idea that kicks this chapter off: Tyro learning the concept of freedom from having the information from the Great Book being passed into her. The idea I had was that Aevar also had some of that knowledge passed into him as well, and he was carving bits of it into his resting bier, but changing the way the lettering looked so that it wasn’t apparent to anyone who would come in and take an interest to the carving. Tyro picked up on it because she has enough of the original script in her to help her see past Aevar’s code. What she is going to get, however isn’t going to be more sunshine, freedom and happy thoughts. What Aevar is scratching with his claw is what makes him Aevar… an ushabit dedicated to only fulfilling his Master’s will, especially if that will involving carving up people. Whether or not Tyro is going to have these new passages have some sort of influence on her, I am not entirely sure. This is one of the joys of being a hybrid writer. I know all the big details and I am thrilled when the characters take me a little off the beaten path.

Now, as to the movie American Mary. Well… it was there. It wasn’t the best horror film I’ve seen in a while, but it wasn’t the worst. I just felt that it was a plot in search of a theme – not denigrate any of the acting – that was superb, but the rest of the movie just seemed to be one scene after another with nothing really connecting it. I’d give it 5 out of 10. Now, the movies I am looking forward to seeing are: Elysium, Europa Report, Gravity and The Hollow Crown. I am a sucker for Sci-fi and English period pieces, so I can’t wait for these to come out – that and Sharlto Copely is a joy to watch. Since I get paid this week, I am going to catch one of these and give a review.

Well, I need to see if Tyro goes all axe-crazy or just plain crazy.


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