The Two Hundred and Ninth Post: The One Where I Tell You About My Comfy New Chair!

Well, I finally got it!

I feel like I can fire someone from this chair and it would stick.

My back is happy and I feel a lot more productive in this (firing people aside). I am also hoping that this will translate into a higher word count, or at least, the ability to write for longer than fifteen minutes before having to get up and walk around in an effort to stave off the impending back ache. I need to also get my hands on one of the rubber mats to make it easier to get in and out, and I am also looking at a cheap desk to replace the one I have here just so I can have some more room in the living room to move about.

The novel is starting to take an argumentative turn, bringing to mind this saying by Victor Hugo: Slaves would be tyrants were the chance theirs. While I know that Tyro is trying to come out from under the shadow of the Master’s influence, but she’s being a little hard-nosed about it. Thankfully, Ghislain is there to maintain the peace (3 words at a time) and I am feeling that it’s about time to get them to the Happy Village™ and lighten up the mood a bit more. Maybe even get some romance in there between a couple of the characters. Not going to say who, but I want to try to move things along in an unexpected direction. I hope I did that in one of Tyro’s memory flashbacks (entitled in my head: ‘You weren’t going to eat that, were you?’) and I hope to keep it going along throughout the series… as soon as I have finished figuring out what’s going to happen in the third book… which I still have no idea what to do. I am not going to panic until I get halfway through book two. Given the pace that I am writing book one; I should have plenty of time until I get halfway through book two.

Just as a bit of a question to everyone here who reads this: what would you like to see in this blog going towards the future. Yes, I do plan on using this as a platform to shill my wares, but I don’t want it to be a blatant cash grab (that’s what the writing is for). Mostly, this journal is a way of getting things off my chest that I can’t say publicly – did you think my mom held me aloft and said ‘what a darling baby boy – let’s name him Seething Apathy’, did you? Yeah – I try to sell my stuff, so my real name isn’t the closely kept secret I would like to think it is, but it’s not public knowledge either. So – wandering back to the original question: what would you like to see here other than my meandering prose?

I need to head out and get cleaned up for work, so y’all can chew on that for a minute. Leave any suggestions in the comments and tips by the jar.


Thank and I hope y’all have a good day.


Seething Apathy